5 Things You Deserve To Leave Behind In 2017

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2017 is about to come to a close and we always have high hopes for what the New Year will bring. And, as everyone opens their arms to 2018, there are a myriad of things that we should to leave behind in the hopes of making a fresh start. Although these appear to be difficult in perspective, the promise of welcome goodbyes have never been more appealing than ever.

1. Leave the past out the Door

Regrets are bad seeds that breeds discontent when watered down with attention. It pulls you back and hinders your personal growth. Paying no mind to regrets is always easier said than done, as it is always easier to seek refuge in thoughts of what happened was than what will happen now . Granted, there is much to learn by looking back, but there is zero added value in dwelling in your past. Start living in 2018 clad with an onward optimism, and in a moment’s time, you will thank yourself.

2. Let Failed Relationships Be

Many would agree to the belief that the greatest treasure in life is relationships. In the course that our lives take, we meet a number of people that makes us realize how little our understanding is of the world we live in. There are so many stories and lessons to be learned from each person we converse with. But, just like all things, nothing and everything remains the same, no matter how hard we try. As we gear up for the new mornings of 2018, strive to leave failed relationships behind. Not only does it remind you of undesirable memories, it also brings you back to happier times which pulls the trigger and drives you to sorrowville. Leave failed relationships on the shelf, if it decides to rekindle its fire it will make its way off of the shelf to be back in your life.

3. Leave Doubts Behind

Don’t let second thoughts stop you from enjoying your first time experiences. Know that there is no better time than the present to do everything you always wanted. Start that blog you always planned on doing, book that trip that never happened, write that piece you always dreamt of sharing. There is no right and wrong time, only missed chances. Your time is now, not tomorrow, not later — Your time is now. The antidote to moments of doubt is always asking this question, “If not now, when?”

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

There is a big difference between being alive and living. All the greats, at one point, decided to live life by their own rules. Leaving every ounce of doubt and judgmental stares behind to pursue a life they can be proud of. The moment you act on your dreams is the day you start living, and there is no way you can jump off if you keep on waiting for the right time. Remember, your time is now, not tomorrow and not later — your time is now.

It is difficult to break free given the pressures of being an adult; phone bills, rent payment, policy fees, these responsibilities confine us to leaving our comfort zones. These are necessaries in living a meaningful life, but there is always another avenue to take. Change doesn’t have to be drastic, it may be as mundane as waking up an hour earlier, leaving your phone be at 10 p.m. or making your bed every morning. It’s these tiny things that pushes us to go beyond our routines leaving us energized and ready to charge the day ahead. So, even if your day goes bad, you have a made bed waiting for you at home.

5. Forgive Yourself

There is no absolute freedom from the past if you have yet to forgive yourself. All your mistakes have led you to this very breathing moment, and for that, you should be grateful. Forgive yourself for making bad decisions, for not fulfilling your bucket list, for buying that gadget in cash, for all the little things that now make you feel less of yourself. Enter new days with a forgiven self and the experience will be rewarding.

As we usher in new sunshines, this is the most opportune time for you to live your life for yourself and not for memories of the past and others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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