5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Over-Thinking Things

Matheus Ferrero

Control is a word that stands stronger than its meaning. Many have attempted to master the idea of control but none have succeeded. It has become a routine like the daily dose of vitamins that you intake. Exercising control is great, to a certain extent. But, when you wallow up on its gravity, it will feel like a hopeless game of Jenga.

While it’s easier said than done, the idea of the art of letting go is not a far-fetched as it seems. What I learned over the past 25 years of over-thinking is this: It all boils down to one word — acceptance.

Here are the reasons why you should learn the art of letting go:

1. All you do is think. It gets tiring. Trust me, we’ve all been there! Quantifying your actions at every turn takes a toll on you. You are depriving yourself of any organic human interaction. Overthinking takes so much of your time and it’s counter-productive.

2. And that over-thinking eats you up. In this scenario, seeking validation is paramount! You believe this to be true and don’t you dare deny it. At the end of a long day, worrying about the things that haven’t happened yet kills you from within. Stop pining over unmet expectations and hallucinated scenarios in your head.

3. It stops you from being you. Stop getting in the way of yourself! Let yourself shine. The biggest critic here is you. Trust me when I say that people could care less about your problems and your agenda. Because truth be told, people only think about themselves. Always remember that people are so caught up with their own lives that they wouldn’t take time to notice you.

4. It makes you a “yes!” person. A people-pleaser. It feels great to when people rely on you, trust me I know. But, the peril of being a “yes” person is a scary thought: You now stand for nothing. I get it, Yes is an elating word, but if you’re not doing it for yourself, it means nothing. While saying is encouraging in most cases, do remember this: “No” is an empowering word.

“Would you rather make someone feel better, or would you rather feel empowered?” the choice is yours to make.

5. You begin to live for others, rather than yourself. You only live once, you get one life, do you really want to live it for other people? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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