This Is How Dexter Should’ve Really Ended

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Amazon / Dexter

In the last episode Dexter helps his girlfriend, whose past was as troubling as his, escape Florida by sending her and his son to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he promises to meet up with them later. Even though he could have left with them that day Dexter chooses to stay back in Florida because he could never leave any loose ends. He eliminates the remaining people who were after his girlfriend and those who caused the death of his sister Debra. He also feels the need to take care of his sister one last time, a person who loved him for who he was. And because she took care of him so many times before. After retrieving Debra’s body he places her on his boat and heads out to sea, a huge hurricane is heading inland.

Once Dexter is out in the middle of the turbulent ocean we see him place Debra’s body into the very same waters he had placed so many other bodies before. He solemnly watches her body disappear into the darkness. He then returns to the wheel of his boat, steering it towards the center of the storm at high speed. By all appearances Dexter ends his life within the storm.

The following day a patrol boat is seen searching the waters for any signs of life. A large piece of boat hull is found with the words “A Slice of Life” on it. The name of Dexter’s boat. It is presumed that Dexter has been killed by the storm.


Okay, for you, my small group of fans, here is the ending that should have happened:

Dexter had stayed in Miami to kill the last serial killer who could affect his life. His staged death is believed to be true by officials, as per a newspaper article we suddenly find Dexter reading in a local newspaper. Dexter is alive! He looks around at the world he has known for some time. It is time for him to leave. The screen fades to black, with a caption at the bottom saying “1 year later”.

We now find Dexter happily married in Buenos Aires. Since having a new revelation about himself from his “spiritual mother” during the last episode, Dexter can now have a relationship with someone and show more humanity than he ever had before. Dexter and family are sitting at the kitchen table in their home practicing their Spanish (as you recall, they did say that they would have to learn Spanish.) Dexter looks at them both and says, “If it’s okay with you guys I’m just going to go for a short walk.” They smile in agreement as he heads towards the door. You see, Dexter still has that “itch”.

As he walks down a city sidewalk his adoptive father appears once more next to him. They discuss the positive things that have been going on in Dexter’s life. Dexter, concerned, shares with his father that he still ‘feels the need’. But before the image of this father can respond Dexter turns the corner of the building next to him to suddenly find the Buenos Aires police looking up at him from the sidewalk. This startles him a bit, as if he had been caught, but he quickly realizes that they are only attending to a crime scene, and a messy crime scene at that. There is blood splatter everywhere, and the city coroner is trying to piece it all together.

Dexter, with great interest, edges over to the coroner and says to him in Spanish (with subtitles), “May I be of any assistance? I used to do this kind work in the states before coming to Argentina.” The coroner looks at him curiously and responds, “And just what is your opinion about all of this.” Dexter quickly steps forward and sizes up the scene. He informs the coroner as to how the person was killed and with what. The coroner is amazed. But what Dexter has kept to himself are his inner thoughts about it all. He knows what kind of person committed this particular kind of crime. His favorite kind of person.

Dexter’s thoughts are suddenly interrupted when the coroner asks, “I’m impressed. We could really use someone like you within the city police department. This is the third killing of its kind this month. Would you be interested?” At which point Dexter slowly looks up into the camera, a mischievous smile on his face.

Fade to black.

The End. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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