6 Sexy Bedroom Additions Men Love


When it comes to the bedroom, there are many things you can do to give your man an extra-special experience. While human factors play the biggest role, often forgotten are those extra add ons, which, with a little preparation, can add an enormous amount to both his (and your) enjoyment of your time together.

From props and toys to how you set up the room, a few simple things can massively increase the pleasure and excitement your man experiences with you in the bedroom.


It’s no secret – men are visual creatures. You may feel a little shy about it – but there’s nothing that will rouse his inner man-god more than getting to watch himself ravish you. If you have a movable mirror – make use of it! If not, suggest he take you to the bathroom or find another position where he can see himself. You may not enjoy it or even understand it – but there’s nothing that will get him more excited during sex than being able to watch what he does to you.

Lights On

If there’s one easy way to turn a man off, it’s to wait until just before he’s about to take your clothes off, then run around turning off the lights. He thinks you’re an angel with a body to match. Don’t kill his fantasy by projecting your own insecurities.

Whatever you think of your own body, it’s not what he thinks. Remember, men are visual creatures. Even if you’re not confident, own what you’ve got. He’s seen you with clothes on, so he knows your shape, and clearly has decided he likes it. Leave the lights on and fulfill his fantasies.

Sex Toys

You already use them, so why not do so in front of him? Or better yet… encourage him to use them on you.

Your man loves the idea of you masturbating – I guarantee he fantasizes about it on a regular basis. By bringing your toys to the show, you can make his fantasy a reality. The chance for him to take the reins of your pleasure and be in control is a chance for him to live out his fantasies.


Don’t limit yourself just to toys, either. Have him handcuff you. Find ropes or a whip or something even more unusual. Hand it to him and tell him to use it on you however he wants…

Props give him new ways to live out his fantasies. He’s going to love it – and I dare say you’ll like what happens too.


Chocolate, strawberries – and the old favorite – whipped cream. They’re hot as hell, and with a little prep, you can make great use of them. Whipped cream is especially good for certain body parts (do I really have to explain?) and for something so simple, it gives him an experience that will truly stand out. He gets a fantasy, you get a happy man and tasty food. Win/win/win.

Getting outside the bedroom

Finally, making your bedroom experience incredible sometimes means exiting the bedroom all together. If you start in the bedroom, tell him you want him in another room or outside. If things get heated in the kitchen, ask him instead to take you right there. The risk of being seen or caught only heightens the experience.

It might seem scary or uncomfortable, but always playing it safe leads down a road of all connection and no passion. All like and no lust. Ask yourself, would you rather be safe, or take your relationship, and his pleasure, to the next level?

Nothing here is hard to make happen… yet so few of us do them! Whether due to insecurity, uncertainty or embarrassment – we all seem to pause at the thought of simple suggestions if they’re not something we’re already familiar with.

Growing together in a relationship sometimes means being a little uncomfortable in the short term to achieve greater fulfillment in the long term. With just a little prep and a few dollars spent, you can give your husband, boyfriend, or partner an experience he’ll never forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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