5 Ways To Use ‘The Secret’ In Dating


To attract the love life of your dreams, you need to radiate the qualities you want in a person. The Law of Attraction means ‘like attracts like’, in that you attract to yourself what you’re in vibrational harmony with. What does this mean for you?

Basically, a positive attitude will draw positive experiences to you, so in dating, when you focus on using the Law of Attraction, opportunities for fantastic experiences are only one positive thought away!

1. See Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Date

First, imagine if your dream date was secretly watching you in life. Would they like what they see? Do you exhibit the same qualities you want in another? If you want to be with someone who expresses kindness and compassion, do you radiate the same vibration via your feelings and actions?

Go on an inner journey to explore and consider the men you’ve been attracting to this point. If they exhibit similar qualities or traits you don’t like, it’s possible you require some inner work to clear out your own issues, which are being reflected back to you in the men you meet.

Be honest with yourself, knowing each issue you release leaves room for you to practice the values you want to project. Try meditating to clear old thoughts in your mind, to give yourself the ability to plant new thoughts that help you, rather than set you back.

2. Be Active, Not Urgent

To commit to something means to match your visions and goals with your actions. The Law of Attraction requires you to take action – not because you desperately need someone, but because each desire, once felt, must be acted upon to appear in your life.

Put steps in place in your own life to attract what you want, rather than what you have been to raise your own happiness levels. Then, take action steps, such as joining a dating site or getting out and about more often. When you do, you’ll be projecting confidence, joy, and self-esteem, instead of frustration or urgency. Embodying a positive mindset like this, means the Law of Attraction will work for you, rather than against you.

3. Become Clear About Your Bigger Picture Vision

Rather than writing lists about what you want in a date, such as good looks, a stable job, and a house in the country, refocus your vision on the actual qualities that would make you happy in a potential date. Using the Law of Attraction starts with a thought and requires an action, but then it’s up to you to use your emotional guidance system to check if you’re on the right track.

When you focus on ‘surface’ level qualities, not only are you narrowing your options, but you’re not investing enough focus in the actual feelings promoted behind the surface ones. For example, traits to focus on in a person could include a kind and genuine heart, love for growth and adventure, and emotional maturity, rather than, “I want to be with a doctor, a tall guy or an older man.”

The values make you feel something, rather than the package it comes in. And, it’s the inner feelings you project (not what you look like or what you do) that attracts the same back to you.

4. Your New Love Life Starts Now

Even if you really want to launch into dating and find the man for you, if you’re constantly wondering or complaining about why you haven’t found him yet, The Law of Attraction will give you exactly what you’re projecting. Here, you’ll get more circumstances where you’re left wondering, “Why haven’t I found the man for me, yet?”

If you’re comparing men to your ex-boyfriends, placing old expectations on your dates, or remaining fixed in a narrow-minded view of what relationships are supposed to be, based on past experiences, you will simply get different versions of past experiences.

Leave the old stories behind and create new ones in your mind that will lead you towards fresh experiences via ‘feeling’ as if you already have your ideal date, rather than pondering why you don’t. What you feel inside affects the thoughts you have, which affect your actions, which affect what you attract. Make every thought count, starting now.

5. Surround Yourself with Encouraging People

To work with the Law of Attraction, you need to spend your time actively engaging in pursuits that enhance positive attraction, rather than negative. A supportive group of like-minded people in your life helps you to do this.

When we’re absolutely engulfed in positivity, it’s easy to implement the Law of Attraction into our day to day lives, because we naturally feel happy. When we feel happy, we project happiness onto others. Even when you’re not actively trying to attract love into your life, you’ll be radiating energy that brings it to you, regardless.

Do everything you can in life to implement changes that allow you to bask in the beauty of the world, rather than wallowing in negativity. When you do this, using the Law of Attraction in dating becomes effortless, as the world becomes a gigantic mirror reflecting the beauty of you back at you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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