The Way I Look At Wounds

All wounds heal, even the deepest cut, heartbreak or loss. When you come to think of it, there are innumerable things and creatures around us that could physically inflict wound to us. Having realized this immense vulnerability to be wounded, our body has primed itself to heal during the course of our existence. A scar on our skin is a physical reminder that we’ve been wounded and healed.

In a similar vein, any people around us could also hurt us – even our family or friends. But they inflict a different kind of wound- a wound that transcends our physical being. And most of the time, we are not certain whether we are capable to heal, so we let time take care of our fate, hoping that it will dilute the pain resonating from that wound.

It’s not easy to let time seal the wound. When you’re trying to live each day bearing that wound, it frequently hurts making every step forward more strenuous.

We either hide or patch our wounds. We tend to hide our wounds because they reflect our fragility and vulnerability. We want to look strong without showing our blemishes.

We frequently get hurt or wounded which makes healing an integrated process. For me, acknowledging our own wounds commences the healing process. We bear or hide it for our own personal reasons. But why hide it when you know that everybody has it? Each of us have it whether it’s already healed or still aching. When you let your wound to be seen, your exposing it to be mended. Let it be seen and mended by people who truly love you.

I usually compare my wounds to seeds of pain. They grow when I nurture them with silence, fear and hatred. But they die and turn into seeds of joy when I shower them with forgiveness, love and courage. For me, it’s a matter of how we nurture our wounds and it’s not time alone which could ultimately heal our wounds Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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