Guys, Never Let Your Girlfriend Go To Bed Upset

Flickr / Maria Morri
Flickr / Maria Morri

Maybe it was because of something she said over dinner. Maybe it was her tweet that she sent that you got offended from. Or maybe it was because she didn’t answer your calls when you were about to pick her up from work. Take it from me, none of those things are worth getting mad at her for.

When you’re mad at her, she won’t be able to go to sleep. Every hurtful thing you said will echo in her mind until it will be the only thing she knows. She’ll toss and turn in her bed, thinking where she went wrong. She’ll go over your conversations, trying to pinpoint exactly where things went south.

She’ll instill in her mind that you no longer love her and her tears will flow endlessly throughout the night. She’ll take a look at her phone from time to time, hoping that she’ll get an apology text from you, and when she doesn’t, this will drive her mad even more. She’ll fight the urge to text you first because she thinks she’ll only annoy you and this kills her inside.

She’ll be up all night, wondering if the both of you will ever be alright. And when she wakes up in the morning, her pillow will be soaked with her tears, and she’ll only cry some more. She’ll remember everything that happened the night before and she’ll lose her motivation to face the day. She won’t be able to think properly because her mind is still drained from all the worrying. She’ll only want to talk to you, the one person who can make everything go away.

She doesn’t deserve someone who lets her go to sleep feeling that she’s unwanted and unliked. She deserves a guy who will reassure her that everything will be fine. She deserves a guy who never fails to bade her a beautiful “goodnight” and greet her a sweet “good morning.” She deserves someone who makes her a priority. She deserves somebody who wants to talk to her just as much as she wants to talk to him. She deserves only the best.

So never frustrate her. Never end the day with a fight. Treat her like your princess, because someday, she will be your queen. Because from my experience, whatever you give a woman, she’ll return it to you fourfold. If you unconditionally love her, she’ll love you more than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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