I Want My Future Wife To Know She Is Worth Waiting For

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I may not know you personally yet, but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you today, planning on how will I pursue you one day when the right time comes, so please don’t be anxious about it. I want you to just laugh at the days to come. I want you to know that you are worth waiting for.

Right now, I am going to try to work on myself, because I desire the best for you. I’m going to be physically fit, I’m going to take care of my body because I want to live long and take care of you as we grow old.

I’m not going to settle, I’m going to protect my purity and I’m not going to be intimate with someone else, because I want to give you this gift.

I’m going to work hard, I’m going to save money — not only for our wedding day but also for our marriage.

I’m not going to conform to the standards of our society. I don’t believe that a real man is defined by how hard he drinks and the number of women he had slept with. Real men are the men of the word (of God), not men of the world.

I’m going to learn how to love, not from the passionate scenes you see from this world, but from the Author of love. I’m going to learn from a Perfect God how to love an imperfect you and I hope you will, too.

I’m going to build my relationship with God and serve Him while waiting.

Please understand that you’ll only be second in my heart. God will always be put first because the only way to love you better is to love Him more.

I’m praying that you will be in love with God and not in love with the idea of love, because I cannot complete you, it is not my role and I will just fall short on your idea of God’s best.

I want you to feel secure, knowing that someone already loved you before you were born, that God loves you today and forevermore. And I will love you just like Christ did.

I will love you at your best, but I will love you even more at your worst.

So, are you ready for forever? Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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