5 Tips To Help Save Your Relationship When You Feel It Starting To Fall Apart

Joshua Fuller

Many couples who have been in a relationship for a long period of time usually suffer the so-called ‘7-year itch’ wherein the two would feel as if though their happiness are slowly fading and that they would want to part ways on their seventh year. This usually happens to married couples but the ‘itch’ also happens to teenage lovers or live-in partners even if they’ve only been in a relationship for 2, 3 or even less than a year. The real reason why people break-up is because they are letting the negativity eat their soul and heart to the point that they would think that the idea of parting is the only way to avoid the toxicity of the relationship. Often times, people regret breaking up because they started to realize that they still love their partner.

Is your relationship falling apart? Do you really want to save the love that you have for each other? Well, here’s what you have to do:

1. Rebuild Your Trust

It is important for couples to rebuild the trust because it is one of the factors that could save your relationship. Are you too paranoid that your partner is cheating? Are you too strict that your partner can no longer enjoy a time for his or herself? If you are then it means that you have lost your trust to your partner. If you really want to save the relationship, believe that this is just a phase that you have to face and breaking up will never be the answer. Again, rebuild your trust because it will really do good for both of you.

2. Own Up To Your Mistakes

One of the main reasons why relationships fail is because one of the two are not admitting their wrong doings. There are no perfect relationships. All those couples whom you consider ‘relationship goals’ that lasted for more than seven years have been through a lot to whether one of the couple cheated or one lied about something, not that it’s normal but it happens to all relationships. Lucky are those who never went through tough times, but for the vast majority, challenges will really come and they must be faced. The main point is that when you made something stupid, just admit it to your partner. Everything can be fixed with a nice conversation and open forum no matter how heavy the sin is. It could be risky but it could save your relationship.

3. Focus More On Your Partner

Have you been too busy lately? Do you still find time to go on a date with your lover? Do you still call or text each other every night? Those simple things could have a big effect to your lover. When you try to bring back your focus to your partner, your relationship will be more strong and the both of you will be more bonded. That doesn’t mean that you will neglect your focus on your job or school. The idea is to just balance things out. Remember, you are in a relationship and a relationship is not a one-sided affair.

4. Explore More With Sex

When you are in a relationship for a long period of time, chances are your sex life will get less interesting and boring. That’s a fact for a majority of lovers from all around the globe. One of the ways to save your relationship is by improving your sexual fantasies. Get those toys ready. Wear a kinky outfit and do role-playing. It also helps when you are out of town or having a vacation in a foreign place. There’s something about having sex in a different venue that will boost both your love for each other.

5. Take Some Time Off

Why not consider going on a cool-off? People are scared of doing this because in most cases, couples never came back with each other. But your story is different. What happened to others may or may not happen to you. It’s all about handling your own situation in a way that would benefit the two of you. Don’t be that person who would just say “let’s break up” because of being angry about something without clearing things up or without giving each other time to think. Cool-off is effective because through it you will realize how much you love your significant other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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