5 Reasons Why You Should Move Abroad In Your 20s

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To say that it will be fun to move abroad after college would be an understatement. Moving abroad either for good or just to work could be the best decision that you could ever do as a millennial of this generation. People always say that you have to travel while you’re young but being young isn’t always about traveling, it’s also about setting priorities and goals. When you move abroad, you will be able to know more about other people and their culture. This advice is not for the soft-hearted, but if you’re willing to take a chance, read the five reasons why you should move abroad in your 20s:

1. Independence

People often find it difficult to separate from their parents especially teenagers. It’s just so hard to veer away from being your parents’ baby to now being the one who should be working to support not just for your family but also for your personal needs. Trust your instinct that it will be hard at first but things will definitely get better as time goes by. When you graduate in college, you are expected to work full-time somewhere at a decent company and sometimes it’s really hard to look for a job in your town or city. Other millennials are choosing to move abroad to try things out and it’s something that you should consider as well. You will truly learn a lot of things and you will also learn t do your own chores as well. You will then be more independent and brave enough to face all the challenges that may come to you.

2. Finding Your True Essence In Life

It may sound cheesy and deep but when you move somewhere, you will truly find your essence in life. Sometimes we really don’t know what to do with our lives to the point that we blame our parents and even ourselves why we are not as successful at this certain age as what we’ve pictured we’d be but you have to know that things work differently for all of us that’s why it’s best to really find yourself in a city far from home.

3. Meeting Strangers

This is probably the best thing about moving abroad. Meeting strangers may seem dangerous to some people but it actually is not for as long as you know how to converse and mingle with people who you can trust. When you move abroad, chances are you’ll experience language barriers and it is best to have a new friend teach you their language and culture so you will be able to adjust and adapt quickly.

4. Challenges

Life should not always be built in comfort. Sure it is nice to just stay at home and rely everything to your parents especially when you have your own family business but it is still advisable to work things on your own so that you will have something to be busy about. Also, you will experience challenges on your first year abroad and it will not be easy but it will totally be worth it in the end. Take this as a challenge.

5. Positive Outlook In Life

It is proven that people who have been abroad are more positive in life because they chose to take a very huge adventure of their life and it is also something that you have to consider. Once you have established yourself, that’s when you can come home with a more mature and positive perspective and outlook in life.

Moving abroad may seem impractical for others. While that is true, if you really wanna pursue a career outside your home country, you have to do something. People say it is expensive to work abroad as you still have pay for your expenses and flight tickets but again, you have to find ways in order to fund your trip. You don’t have to rush things. Try working at a store in your hometown and once you’ve earned use that to pay for your trip. You can even ask for your parents if they’d fund your trip. Moving abroad doesn’t have to be luxurious. While you can travel from time to time when you’re at a different country, it is still realistic to save money. Investing in your 20s should still be your top priority! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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