5 Things To Be Cautious About When Looking For Love Online

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There’s no denying about the fact that we are all living in the internet generation wherein almost everything that we want to see can be found in the hearts of our gadgets. If there is one that can be considered as something that most people can get in an instant, it’s love. Yes, they say love can be found online because of everyone’s access to the internet but there are dangers behind it.

1. It’s not that safe

This the the truth. In our society today, it’s hard to tell which one is lying and saying the truth especially in the internet where you only see each other through virtual screens. Yes, there are many success stories of finding love online but as much as possible, try to get to know the person very well first before meeting them as there are cases where young girls are being raped, killed and wrapped in a sack only to be thrown to a bonfire or sea. You read that right, that’s how dangerous “meet-ups” can be.

2. Some are just looking for a one night stand

Some are criminals and some of them have great personalities. They feed you with kind words and you feel the high of being in love. Be careful with your feelings as this may grow into something more that may lead you being left by that person. There are instances where two people exchange sweet messages and calls but the truth is the other person is only doing that to seduce the other in order to meet in person and have sex. After that, they’ll no longer contact you anymore.

3. Long distance is not easy

No, we’re not being baby boomers here. Long distance is only for the strong ones. If you can handle it, great. If not, don’t consider. Long distance relationships works when the two of you already have a foundation. Meaning, you already met and know each other’s strength and weaknesses. There’s no wall anymore. That’s where you should feel at ease in case one of you has to travel abroad for a better future. But if you only met online and you just decide to put the relationship on a virtual status because the two of you are far from each other, then think about it. If you really want to pursue that person, invite them for a travel. Going out on a tour will change the way you think and you will either like each other more or hate each other because you’ve finally seen their true colors. In the end, the decision is still up to you.

4. Some doesn’t only filter their pictures, they also filter their personalities

Right. There are fake people on the web. Like what is said, some would say nice things about you yet they really have bad intentions. There are also cases where people will bribe your for money or anything material which is not good. Know who you’re talking too as there are also these so-called posers online that are using other people’s identity to please you.

5. Are they really serious about you?

Ask yourself? Are they serious? Or are they just making fun of you? You should know that. Ask more questions about them. Verify their details. It’s easy because you can find almost anything in the internet. Be investigative and alert. There’s nothing to lose if you really are serious about this. But if you think they’re not serious about you, you have to cut ties with them.

Looking for someone to love has been easy through technology but there are consequences that we all have to face if we don’t think too much about our actions. Love is easy to find, what’s hard to find are people whom you can entrust your heart with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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