Traveling Is Like Tango: It Takes Two

Flo Maderebner
Flo Maderebner

Whether you are in a relationship or not, having a companion beside you is probably the best decision you could ever do if ever you decide to go on a vacation somewhere. Sure it’s fun to be alone and experience things on your own but there is nothing like being with your special someone or your best friend. There are a lot of beautiful destinations in the world and it is important to share your experiences with someone. This does not only apply to lovers and best friends as it is also fun to travel the world with your family. Here are seven reasons why you should consider a trip with someone close to your heart:

1. You can build teamwork

Teamwork is really important to any kind of relationship. Teamwork is necessary as it is where two or more individual’s effort are measured. If you are in a relationship, you must learn how to help and guide one another especially if you are on a vacation. If you are with your family or your best friend, you must also do the same thing. Again, teamwork will make any relationship strong and long!

2. You have a photographer (for free!)

Yes. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone take your photos for free? Not that you’re user-friendly or whatnot but it’s more practical to have your lover or best friend take that photo of you in front of the tallest building in the world or that sunset in a very serene paradise. Selfies are good too, and selfies are best shared when you have someone beside you.

3. You have someone to try new activities with

Have you always been curious about what it’s like to ride a parachute? Have you always wanted to try the famous street food in the Philippines? Have you always wanted to bungee jump but you’re scared to be alone mid-air? Well, you would have to invite your significant other, your brother, your sister, your parents or your best friend to enjoy!

4. You will grow as a person

While it is important to grow on your own, it is also as equally important as growing with someone you admire or love. Sure you will learn a lot from yourself when you decide to travel alone but you will also learn a lot from other people if you have someone to travel the world with you.

5. You will discover a lot of things you didn’t know existed

It’s true! You thought you know everything about your lover or your best friend? Well, here’s what I’ll tell you: you are wrong. You will get to know more about a certain person when you are traveling because you will be able to see how they will react to different kinds of situations. That is very important because when you are in a relationship, you have to know everything about that person and it is totally necessary to see even their bad sides and whatnots. When you travel with your best friend, you will be able to bond even more and you will know more about what he or she can do in case you both encounter mishaps along the way.

6. You will feel secured

This is probably one of the most important part of traveling. Security is very important because exposing yourself out there in the world is not safe and you must have someone who will accompany you. Of course, the both of you must help and protect each other during times of trouble.

7. Lastly, you will be a better person

Trust yourself and trust the people around you. After the trip, you will feel renewed and relieved about things. With that, you will be a better person. When you are far away from home, you will be able to challenge yourself and you will discover things about yourself. The experiences and memories you shared will forever be in your mind and you will surely use them to better yourself so you can move forward in life.

It is not a requirement to travel with someone but there are benefits with doing so. Always remember to treasure your relationship with your lover, best friend or family because they are the ones who will help you in times of need. Traveling is really essential to all kinds of relationships! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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