5 Reasons You Should Travel With Your Group Of Single Friends

stocksnap / Jakob Owens
stocksnap / Jakob Owens

A lot of people enjoy traveling with their loved ones but enjoyment can also be found in a group of friends. Specifically, in a group of SINGLE friends. Yes, there is nothing like roaming around the world with single people because you don’t have to worry about one or two friends who are too busy texting or calling their lovers while you’re all having dinner at a buffet restaurant in your chosen destination.

There are so many beautiful countries you can explore in the world and it is best to get suggestions from people who will surely satisfy and please your needs as their friend. Traveling with friends doesn’t only mean being with them because you have them in your life, traveling with friends also means that you care and love them the same way you do with your family. Here are the five reasons why having a vacation with your single friends is a must:

1. Everyone can relate to each other

So your best of friends are also single? So all of you decided to go on a trip somewhere? That’s a really great idea. It would definitely be easy for you all to relate with each other because you are all single. It is not as if being single is a bad thing though. The thing about going on trips is that you get to experience new things with the people and it is best to experience them with people who understands what you feel.

2. Every single one of you will talk about their crushes

Whether you are male or female, talking about crushes is really something that keeps everyone excited about. Imagine being in a cabin far away from home and you and your friends are sitting beside the bonfire talking about your crushes and plans on how to win them, that’s really something to be giddy about. All of you have a common denominator that is why you would truly enjoy your vacation with your friends.

3. Everyone will feel at ease and comfortable

Being comfortable is really one of the keys to a happy vacation with the people you admire and love. It is really one of the things that a group of people must have so that there will be no chaos and judgement. There will also be no jealousy or envy about a friend because you are all single and that you can all relate well with each other. If you are at ease and comfortable with each other then you will have a glorious and enjoyable travel experience.

4. Everyone can be as quirky and wild as they can be

When you are with your friends, you really don’t have to worry about looking good because you can be your real self with them. Remember when you had a lover you are too busy making yourself look good because you want to please your significant other? To the girls, remember when your boyfriend didn’t let you wear short skirts because he didn’t like you showing off your legs in public? Even if that’s not why you’re wearing it. To the boys, remember when your ex didn’t want you to talk to your girl best friend because she thought you were having an affair when the truth is you are just friends? Those are some of the cons of being in a relationship. But if you are with your friends, you can show your quirky and wild side because they accept you for who you are.

5. Everyone will realize that you don’t need a lover to be happy

Yes. That’s the golden statement. You don’t need a lover to be happy for happiness can be found within your family and friends. Sometimes it is best to surround yourself with people who will love you unconditionally rather than the ones who will show you what love is yet will leave you like nothing happened. Being with your single friends on a vacation should really be part of your bucket list!

Traveling is really one of the stress-relievers of most people. Whether you went through a crazy break-up or you are someone who hasn’t had any lover since birth, going out with friends is really a must for you to be able to not only know more about your them but also know more about yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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