What No One Tells You About Being Alone

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When everyone who promised to stay begins to walk away, it feels just like the first time you had your heart broken. They held your hand when he dropped yours. They wiped the tears when he didn’t come back. And they healed the heart he swore he wouldn’t break.

What hurts the most is that they don’t even realize what they’re doing to you. They don’t understand how much they mean to you no matter how hard you have tried to show them. They don’t know that they each hold a piece of your heart and without them, you will always be incomplete.

Not a day goes by when you think you are better off, that you don’t need friends who stopped treating you like a person instead of a distant memory. But you do need them yet you will never admit it.

You need them because life becomes meaningless when you have nobody to share it with. Your days feel like hours you try to rush instead of moments you want to freeze forever. And your nights become lonely, they become scary, because it is during the nights the realization kicks in the hardest, it makes you believe that you are forgotten and that you have no one to remind you that you are not.

Making new friends at this time and age has never been more difficult. Nowadays, people have forgotten how to talk with each other, appreciate and take the time to learn about each other.

Nowadays, it is all about focusing on your career, making something of yourselves, thinking that now is not the time for living in the present because you need to focus on the future. And then instantly ruining the chance to look back at any memories they had so many opportunities to make in the past.

You see others making connections so easily, you wonder how peoples’ paths meet with each other and how your road doesn’t connect with anyone else’s – why you are the one always traveling alone?

You see everyone yet no one ever looks at you. You listen to everything but no one tries to hear you. You are invisible when you weren’t even trying to hide.

Each day you are convinced you have so little to offer, so little worth, you begin wondering how to live a life completely alone and give value to something that has no price.

So that’s when you began giving everything and stopped expecting anything in return. You would rather be the person to others who couldn’t be that person for you. This way, you manage to be happy from what happiness you can bring to others even if it means pretending every day to be happy yourself.

They say that if he broke your heart once, he will do it again. That you will always have that one boy who took you for granted and changed the way you think about love.

What they don’t tell you is that sometimes, your own friends who also told you those words, can end up being that boy, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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