A Poem Written For The Restless Soul

Andressa Voltolini

What we want evaporates before we think,
We condemn natural instincts easily.
Turning our backs on our disposition,
Even with wide eyes, we don’t see.

Blindly testing our inborn desires,
No discomfort when we succeed with pain.
Invariably on a mission for more,
The labyrinth remains the same.

Yesterday wouldn’t come quicker,
Until today was done.
Tomorrow is too far away,
But nothing important ever begun.

Gratitude is a forgotten whisper,
Others opinions triumph the mind.
Wrestling with what we actually want,
But our dormant thoughts won’t find.

Sometimes truth breathes air into our lungs,
But we ignore it and are tricked.
Creating a home in the shadow,
Of the reality we each picked.

With ignorant reassurance of the good,
We drown anything we don’t like.
Gargling the truth and the lies,
Pretending we all think alike.

Burning bridges with ourselves,
Showing half of what we feel.
Mixing oil and water in our minds,
We forget pretending isn’t real.

When we try to please others,
Our distinctiveness will deplete.
If we lose ourselves,
How do we plan to be complete?

Too many hands around our necks,
At least that’s what we think.
Our polluted minds can’t catch a breath,
With stones around our ankles, we sink. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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