5 Things Life Is Way Too Short For

1. Not wearing that dress/top/jacket that you’re totally in love with.

I recently bought a flashy, risqué dress for my sorority formal. I was completely obsessed with it but a few of my friends commented on it being “too much.” I considered changing it and started looking for another dress but then realized, why exactly do I care? If you want to wear something, go for it! Haters gonna hate. 

2. Not leaving your home town behind.

I’m not saying forget where you came from, because your home town will always be a part of you even as you grow up and move away. However, I do know a few people from my area that are currently attending college in my home town (or just working there) and have no intention of leaving. I think that you benefit so much more when you get out of your comfort zone and explore the world. How do you know your home town is right for you if you haven’t been anywhere else?

3. Having friends that don’t really care about you.

This one is a big one and is something I’ve had to learn recently. There is absolutely no point in maintaining friends that don’t treat you right. After giving and giving to someone who just doesn’t give back, you have to learn to concentrate your time on healthier relationships. Life is too short to waste it on those who don’t appreciate you.

4. Having a job that you absolutely hate.

Yes, I get it. You have to make money to justify the 300k your parents spent on your college education and so that you’re not living in a cardboard box or, even worse: your parents’ basement. But this doesn’t mean you have to shuffle through the rest of your life at a 9-5 with people who frankly don’t even care if you’re there the next day. This doesn’t mean stop working; it means that you can probably find a job that better encompasses your interests.

5. Not eating the chocolate cake/cookie/ice cream/dessert.

Plain and simple, life is too short to be eating salad and dieting all of the time. Indulging in that dessert is not going to kill you. I promise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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