8 Life Lessons You Only Learn When You Go Away To College

1. Home is not a place

As a student you move houses a lot. I have lived in 4 different houses and 2 cities over the last 5 years. Packing and moving are just a part of my life (which I hate). But it has taught me to not be attached to places. We make great memories and pack them with us wherever we leave to.

2. Nothing lasts forever

I used to think this quote only refers to love when I was younger. It doesn’t. It refers to friendships, to dreams and goals, to sadness, happiness, literally everything. Everything is a transition for the next stage.

3. You are clueless

Talk to graduates, not many know what they want to do. Dreams are blurry, how to achieve them even more.

4. You think you are grown up. You are not

“I’m 18 now, I’m an adult and can make my own decisions”. How many times have you said that to your parents? I’m definitely guilty. You think you know it all. You are arrogant about it. You want to do everything your way (I still do). You’ll soon know better.

5. Your parents matter

Teenagers tend to distance themselves from their parents. But there comes a time when you develop a sudden sense of appreciation for your parents especially if you live away. Every phone call, every text and every visit suddenly means so much more. You suddenly have started worrying about them and feel the need to nurture them like they do to you.

6. Life is a bitch

As we grow up, our problems become bigger and harder to overcome. Life hits you in the balls and breaks you in half when you least expect it. It’s a bitch. Doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful.

7. Money is important

When we live with our parents and they buy all the necessities money doesn’t really mean much. Once we need to buy everything ourselves, and budget (still can’t do that) it becomes daunting and stressful. Can we live in a world where everything is free already?

8. The adventures you have at university are irreplaceable

Despite all the ups and downs, the tears, the stress, the drama and the empty bank accounts university is a beautiful experience. You meet friends that will always be there, you make a new family that you are literally glued to. Boundaries and restrictions you had prior to leaving home disappear. You stay up all night and sleep all day without feeling guilty. You eat pizza 3 times a day, but who gives a shit? You walk down the street in pyjamas, you don’t care and neither does anyone else. Appreciate it. Because real adults don’t get to do these things without being called a mess. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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