What You Should Know Before You Judge A Sober College Student


Let’s be honest: college is a time. Aside from the whole academic side of things, it’s our first real taste of freedom. And nothing tastes freer than a Friday night out on the town! But college without alcohol…I mean, is that really even college? For a sober party girl like myself, I can honestly say that those Friday nights (and Thursday’s and Saturday’s) were probably just as much fun for me as they were for all those other intoxicated homies at the party!

I’m forever grateful for the amazing and accepting people that I surrounded myself with in college. However, as society has raised us to question those who are even the slightest bit different from us, there were always those people who treated me a little bit differently once they found out that I wasn’t drinking. So below are just a few things that you should know before judging me (or any other Sober Sally’s you meet) for not drinking at the next big college rager:

1. Just like you, I’m here to have a good time! I want to laugh with my friends, meet new people, and dance my heart out at the bar later on. Try to interact with me like you would with anyone else in the room, instead of assuming right away that I’ll be boring to hang out with.

2. Just because my red solo cup is filled with water, doesn’t mean that I’m not a cool person. Get to know the individual behind the cup for who they are, not for what’s in their glass. Talk to me, let’s get to know each other a little, and hey, I might just surprise you!

3. I’m not pregnant. I’m not following a specific religion. I’m not a recovering alcoholic, and I’m definitely not just some goody-two-shoes who’s here solely to prove that she’s better than you. Personally, I have simply never had the desire to drink. I didn’t go into university with the intention of never drinking, and I never prepared for a party by telling myself that I wouldn’t, couldn’t, or shouldn’t get drunk that evening. It just sort of happened that way, and I’m perfectly happy with that! And although my reason for not drinking may be different from the next person’s, try not to let whatever reason it is cloud your vision of what kind of person they may be.

4. With that being said, just because I’m not drinking tonight, doesn’t mean that I never will. My decisions today may change from my decisions tomorrow, and yours can too.

5. I didn’t come to this party just to judge you. Actually, that’s the last thing that I came here to do. University is stressful, and just like you, all I really want to do is let loose and forget about that unfinished lab report that’s due on Monday morning.

6. I’m still capable of doing a kick-ass keg stand, being your flip cup anchor, and participating in all other aspects of the party. It might be done a little differently than you’re used to, but in the end does that really affect you?

I guess what I’m trying to say is try not to be so quick to judge that Sober Sally (or Steve) at the party. During my time in college, I wasn’t about to drink just to make other people happy or keep them from judging me. I was (and still am) in the pursuit of having a good time. Whether I do that drunk or not, shouldn’t really matter to anyone but myself. So let’s be friends! If you don’t judge me for not drinking tonight, then I certainly won’t judge you for any of the decisions that you make tonight either. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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