WTF: 3 Times Your College Manipulated You

When I went to college I was sold on the idea that I would be given an opportunity to learn things I was actually interested in and be treated like an adult. I think many of you can agree that time at university, while can be fun, has proven to be one big, manipulative lie, and here is why:

1. Classes

You come in with a mostly open-mind, and ready to take classes that excite you. However, your first meeting with your academic adviser proves that no one really cares what interests you because you have to take classes you don’t give two sh*ts about. You want to be a communication major? Oh, that’s great! You have to take two sciences, and three math classes first! LOL cause that makes sense!!

Excuse me, degree factory? I will never need to know calculus, biology, earth science or statistics to be a successful PR professional but thank you so much for not giving me the option to pay for those credits! You rule!

You then spend hours agonizing over how boring these general requirements are. Didn’t you go to high school to skip this part? Why are you taking a writing class, AGAIN. Last time I checked, at 18, I knew how to correctly format an essay, but instead I got an additional class that told me that my essays needed an intro, body paragraphs and conclusions. Whew! Thank God for that class, or else I would have forgotten what my other ten years of schooling had taught me! Money well spent.

2. GPA

Each school is different and grades according to different standards. My university grades based on how much hell they can put you through without actually killing you, because duh! They can’t get money if you die! Our grades are deflated, which is total B.S. So if you get an A, they give you a B+ and if you get a B+ you are given a B, that’s efficient right?

This negatively impacts any of us that want to further our own education beyond undergraduate. It puts us all at a significant disadvantage because we look way less competitive than everyone else. Why should we be penalized for working just as hard, if not harder than others, by receiving worse grades? Oh and don’t forget, you get to pay to be put at the disadvantage which totally rocks!

3. $Money$

College degrees come with a large price tag, and if you weren’t given a scholarship and financial aid, say hello to your new worst enemy: Student LOANS. They are the best! You now get to be put in thousands of dollars of debt, that often cost more than your first years salary. Yeah, who’s pumped for that!? I know I am!

This degree will probably be the most expensive piece of paper you ever invest in, and you’re basically told that if you don’t do it, you won’t be successful. The academic system milks us for money we currently are not even worth simply because they know that they can.

My question is this: If people want to educate themselves, why is it made to be so goddamn difficult? Colleges preach and preach about how they care about students and want to make them successful. HAHA, do you? Making it nearly impossible to achieve a competitive GPA without sacrificing your social skills, draining you of income you’ve yet to make, and forcing you to take classes that make you want to take your eye out with a spoon does not sound like the way to create successful individuals.

It sounds like a way to make us resentful of the academic system. So instead of asking us for more money each year for sports fields, dining halls, and whatever else you pretend to need; STOP EXPANDING. You have billions of dollars. Take that money and invest it wisely and stop being greedy.

Invest it in US or GTFO. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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