This Is How To Treat Your Sadness

portrait photography of woman lying on grawss
Hector Gomez / Unsplash

Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath. Sometimes you just need to clean your room. Try slowly opening your blinds, and let the sun shine in. It just rained. Sit up in your bed, and pull open the window. Inhale the clean essence of fresh air. There’s something about the scent of the world after it rains, a certain nostalgia that trickles alongside it.

Sit up in bed. Stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Look around the space you sleep in. Appreciate all you have, notice all of the objects you’ve accumulated. The art and posters on the wall that describe who you are. The books that provided you with solstice when no one else could. Light some incense, spray lavender essence on your sheets. Slowly get out of bed. Stretch out the rest of your body on the floor. Do those three yoga poses you learned years ago. Who knew you could feel both relaxed and energized at the same time?

Take off your dirty socks and sweaty clothes, and toss them aside. Throw them in the laundry later. Turn on the shower. Let the water get nice and hot, and step in. Let the burning sensation cleanse your soul. Feel it run over your body, let it sooth you. Don’t underestimate the power of feeling clean and smelling good. Use that Lush soap you’ve been saving for a special occasion, today is that day.

Dry yourself with a soft towel, moisturize your face. Use some rose infused massage oil on your arms and legs. Turn on some music that makes you feel powerful. Or passionate. Or relaxed. It’s up to you. Brush out your hair and spray on your favorite leave in conditioner. Throw on your softest t-shirt, underwear, and slippers. Make yourself a cup of tea.

Grab your laptop and get back in bed. Write down those thoughts you had last night. Turn it into something meaningful, worthwhile, productive. Make art out of your misery, create something you will feel proud of later on, when those thoughts of worthlessness cross your mind late at night once again. You are powerful, and you are important. You are creative, and you are observant. Your anxiety is a gift, your depression provides you with a lens to see through. You are not your darkness, you are the light waiting on the other side. TC mark

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