You Never Loved Me, So It Was Easy To Leave

Marcelo Quinan
Marcelo Quinan

I have finally realized
That I’m running aimlessly in an empty field.
That if you wanted to keep me,
all you had to do was turn
and call my name.

If at any point you understood
The fire burrowed in my stare,
it should have given you answers
for all your questions about love.

But you fought it,
and you fought me,
and we went back to uncertainty.

There was nothing left to say the day you left.
And you know, the walls still sweat with anxiety
at the words we spoke under our breath.

When you return
I’ll be the same woman you decided
wasn’t enough to keep.

And you will be the same man
who saw me calling for you,
trying to find my way back to you,
and stayed as silent as a stone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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