When You Come Back, You Won’t Return To Me

I stared at you today 
Intensely, passionately, 
Like I always have 
As you packed away your clothes
And those unmentionables
That were never a secret to me.

No, I was privileged to know them
To know you 
And we were once intricately woven 
Like threads, our legs and arms
Making a blanket of dreams.
It kept us warm enough to sleep.

But each shirt, each pant, 
Each movement of your hand
Toward the luggage on the floor, 
Takes you some place I cannot go.

And now I’m cold and hollow
but I still look at you with the depth and warmth 
I will feel even when you’re away.
When I cannot touch you, 

When it’ll be another girl’s job to 
Watch you,
Intensely, passionately, 
Like I always have 

As you pack your clothes again 
Months from now.
But no, my love
I do not delude myself,
I am sure you won’t return to me.

And by then the only thing unmentionable
will be the secrets you’ll keep from me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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