5 Reasons It’s Good To Be Single At Least Once In Your Life

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

For some reason, being “single” gets a bad wrap. No one wants to be alone, especially when all our friends are in relationships. We are all on a constant search for a “thing” relationship or significant other, even if we just got out of a relationship. We don’t allow ourselves to take time for ourselves like we should. Being with someone mediocre seems to be better than being alone, but is it really?

I am here to tell you, it is good to be single. I will be the first to admit, I like having someone special in my life. I enjoy feeling needed, taking care of someone, and putting someone else’s needs before mine. Recently, however, I have learned, being single is not bad, in fact, it is fun. When you are single, you learn a lot about life, friendships, and yourself. Here are a few reasons why being single is not only good but why we need to be single at least one time in our life.

Gaining Friendships

When we are in a relationship, sometimes we put our friendships on the back burner. Our friendships are no longer the main priority. We like to put most of our energy into our significant other. Instead of having a fun night with the girls or boys at the bar, we would rather stay in because there is no longer a reason to meet new and exciting people, even if that means sitting at home alone with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. When you are you single, however, you gain friendships back that you put on hold when you were in a relationship. In addition to gaining back old friendship, you also have an open window to make new friendships. Being single when all your friends are in relationships can seem unbearable; however, it is good to take this opportunity to form new friendships with people you may not have otherwise.

You Can Be Selfish

Partners in relationships cannot be selfish. You constantly have to think of your significant other and how the choices you make will affect your relationship. Rather than doing things on a whim, you have to consider how your significant other would feel. Being single allows you to be selfish, you can do whatever you want. It is a time to not have to worry about anyone but yourself. Instead of worrying about your actions causing an argument, you can fully enjoy your time with what you choose to do.

Find Yourself

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we lose a part of who we were before the relationship. We put so much effort into the relationship that we forget what we want in life. We may lose our personal dreams and goals because we concentrate on the dreams of our relationship. After a breakup, it is nice to have time to remember what we want in life and create new dreams. We get to rediscover and fall in love with ourselves all over again. There is more time to be alone, which is great for self-reflection.

You Become Stronger

Although a break up may seem like the end of the world, something we will never be able to survive; we make it out alive. Surviving a break up makes us stronger, stronger than we ever thought was possible. Losing someone is hard, but it is harder when that person is still around and alive because more than anything you want them in your life. But as the days go on, you realize your strength, you realize it has been six months and life has continued.

More Time For Yourself

When you are single, you gain a lot more time that you would have been spending with your significant other. During this extra time, you can take up new hobbies that make you happy or pick up old hobbies you stopped, while you were in a relationship. You can spend time doing things you did not have time for before.

So next time you think it is the end of the world because you are single, remember these things. Being single could be a blessing in disguise, and it is not a bad thing. The next time you are on a search for a relationship, try to remember being single is a good thing. It is not better to be in a mediocre relationship because you are afraid to be single. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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