17 Ways People Seriously Don’t Get How My Cats Are Like My Children


The way I feel about my two cats is the same way parents feel about their babies. Though I have zero maternal instinct towards human babies, I mother my cats more than enough to make up for it. Here’s how my cats are like my children.

1. When someone says that one of my cats is better looking than the other I get really offended!

2. When someone asks me which one is my favorite I gasp and say that I love them both the same! “How can you even ask that!”

3. I buckle their seat belts in the car. Most people put their cat carriers on the floor of their car and call it job well done. No. I buckle their carriers into the seats.

4. When someone is babysitting them, I text and call that person to an annoying extent. “It’s been five minutes, are they still okay?”

5. I inform Smidgen when he has “eye boogies” and wipe them clean for him.

6. I’ll wipe their butts too…when needed anyway. It’s an act of love.

7. I cradle Smidgen like a baby and rock him. (He actually enjoys it! Sir Galahad doesn’t though so rest assured, I only do it with Smidgen!)

8. I tell everyone how proud I am of their accomplishments. “Smidgen scaled the cat tree today! They grow up so fast!”

9. I dress them up and take pictures. (One of their costumes is even a baby onesie I had modified for a cat.)

10. I feel terrible when I scold them and question if I did the right thing. “Mom I yelled at Galahad to get off the counter and now he probably hates me!” *bawls*

11. I hold their paws like I’m holding hands with them.

12. When I adopted them I became ‘Mommy’ and all my relatives got new names. My Dad became ‘grandpa,’ my brother became ‘uncle,’ my best friends became ‘aunties.’ So on and so forth.

13. I child proofed my stove and electrical outlets with products from the baby aisle at the store.

14. I tell their vet way more information than they ever need. (They probably didn’t entirely need to know that Sir Galahad prefers head noogies to belly rubs.)

15. When someone talks about their own cats, I can’t stop comparing them to my cats. (Heck, when people talk about their children, I can’t stop comparing them to my cats.)

16. I’m so psyched when they get along with each other that it ruins the moment for them. The second I go “AWWW” they stop cuddling.

17. I’ll watch them sleeping for a long time in pure adoration. (And take a thousand pictures too.)

You may think I’m a bit silly now, or worse… but I’m not afraid to broadcast that my cats are like my children. They are my fur babies! Needless to say, I love them like my own, and I know there are other people out there that feel that same adoration towards their pets that I do! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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