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You Cannot Outrun God

Take comfort in this: No matter where you go, what you do, the mistakes you make, how far you wander off the path, or what you try to wedge between you and God, He will never leave you.

I Don’t Want A Lover, I Want A Best Friend

I want a best friend. Someone I can tease, joke around with, go out with, or stay in and binge-watch Prison Break with. Someone who will give me a genuine compliment when I look my best, but will honestly tell me when I look like sh*t and need to get my butt off the couch.

Maybe It’s Our Words That Save Us

The words we bring to life on paper or from our lips, the timid and nervous confessions, the brittle anger that slips from our tongue, the lines of thanks, the good and the bad and the honest—this is what makes us real. This is what makes us connect to one another. This is what changes our lives.

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