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To My Future Boyfriend, I Am Not Broken

Listen, this letter is for you. To know that in the future, I will love you. I will love you deeply and fully. I will be unafraid and unhesitant. I will not compare you to pain of the past, but trust that people are different, that you are different and worthy of a chance.

Who Cares If You Haven’t Found The One Yet

We get so caught up in this idea of true love, that we’re supposed to find it by this certain time, that it’s supposed to look a certain way, that we’ll know, beyond a doubt, what we’re doing and how things will pan out. But love isn’t like that.

I’m Not Good At Dating, But I Know How To Love

See, I’m not good at dating, at small talk, at stuffy dinner dates where we skirt around the deep questions because we don’t want to scare each other off. I don’t care if I scare you off. If I can’t know who you are, then why bother sitting across the table, sharing bites of steak and sips of wine and pretending this is going somewhere when it’s not.

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