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Your Brokenness Is Not Your Identity—Who You Are In Christ Is

You are not your sin. You are not your mistakes. You are not your failures, your pain, your defeat, your brokenness. You are not the times you’ve hurt or been hurt. You are not the ways you’ve let others or yourself down. You are not your depression, your anxiety, your fear, your illness. You are not your weakness, your purposelessness, your loss.

You are not the evil, the negative, the pain of this world; you are a child of the King.

And what does that mean? Being a son or daughter of a loving God does not mean that you won’t face moments of hardship. It doesn’t mean that you won’t feel defeated, or angry, or shattered, or helpless. It doesn’t mean that all your days will be perfect.

But it does mean you’ll never be alone. It does mean that you are defined by who He is, not by the things of this world.

You will have moments where all feels lost, where you’re spiraling down and you can barely remember how to breathe. You’ll have doubt that creeps up when you least expect it. You’ll love people who hurt you; you’ll fall into connections that break you down. You’ll lose your way from time to time, start believing that brokenness and hopelessness is all there is.

But these painful moments do not define you. They do not shape you. They do not determine who you are or will become—only God can do that.

You are not the people who have left. You are not the ways you’ve lied or cheated. You are not weakness, or defeat. You are not meant to fight through these things alone, or believe that God has abandoned you. Because He hasn’t, He won’t, and He never will.

God sent His son to die for you. Do you know how incredible that is? He knew that you, that I, that all of us were imperfect and wanted to be closer with us. He knew that we could not be in connection with Him on our own, so He made the ultimate sacrifice. He wanted nothing more than for us to know we’re His. Always.

So why do you doubt? Why do you think that He’s abandoned you? The truth is, He’s always been near. He’s extended His son, His hand, His heart for you.

God wants you to know that there’s no amount of pain, weakness, failure, loss, defeat, abuse, mistreatment, exhaustion, depression, loneliness, or brokenness that will come between you and Him.

So what are you waiting for? Shed that negativity. Shed the pain. Turn your face towards Him and allow Him to work forgiveness and justice in and through your heart. Show Him that you are ready to be His, rather than a slave to the heaviness of this world. Accept the sacrifice of His son; know that He did this out of love for you.

Your brokenness is not your identity; who you are in Jesus is.

Which means that you are free. Free from what has held you hostage. Free from bonds to relationships that hurt rather than heal. Free from self-doubt, self-hate. Free from a life that is bound by chains.

You are not a perfect person and won’t ever be, but you will always be a child of God. And what that means is that you can always rebuild, always restart, always be redeemed and carried from your brokenness to a place of healing.

This world will give you so much weight to carry, but know that you don’t have to carry it alone. God is with you, He’s within you. And He’s not going anywhere.

Don’t let yourself be defined by what has tried to bring you down. Let Him be your identity, your heart, your truth. Let His light shine in and through you, and guide you back home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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