One Simple Way To Grow Closer With Your Partner, Based On His Or Her Love Language

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Relationships are tough. Just when we think we’re on the right track, we do something that sets our partner off. Just when things feel normal or peaceful, something rocks our world and makes us react in nasty ways to one another.

We’re human. But that’s not an excuse. So whether your relationship is on the rocks, ho-humming along, or perfectly imperfect, here is a simply way to grow closer to your loved one/partner/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/special someone based on his or her love language.

Words Of Affirmation

This love language is centered on words—verbal, written, conversation—some type of connection that involves sharing your heart in a semantic way. But instead of a traditional love note, or repeating the same ‘I love you,’ try something different.

Record an audio or video file of your favorite moments with you and your person. This can be you simply talking about the memories, video clips of you two actually doing things with voice over, or a slideshow with accompanying text—whatever works for you! But this clip will serve as a tangible reminder of your love that is able to be played (and treasured!) over and over again.

Acts Of Service

This love language is all about action—doing something (especially without prompting). And whether it’s something simple, like picking up all the items on the grocery list, or complicated, like purchasing an update to an appliance that would be really beneficial, this is all about showing your love in an active way.

Don’t just say, do.

Receiving Gifts

Be intentional about your gift-giving. Set aside a little stash of cheap gifts ($3-$10) and pull from it when you want to surprise your partner, when the two of you have an argument, or when there’s an emergency something to celebrate! Having the gifts on hand (for planned/unplanned events) will show that you’re thinking of your partner beforehand.

Quality Time

Go beyond spending time together: replay a moment from your past and make it come alive again. Bask in the memories and make new ones at the same time! Maybe you have a special time from childhood you’ve shared? Take your person to that place or reenact the moment. A special date? Go on an anniversary dinner to that place. Don’t just spend time, reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re headed next.

Physical Touch

How often do you just slow the world down and hug your person? This might sound simple, but in the busyness of our lives, we forget how important a hug can be—it’s a reassurance, a support, a reminder that you’re here for that person, no matter what. So hug. Hold them tight. Keep the embrace for a minute too long. Show them you’re here and not leaving. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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