If You’re Afraid To Be Fully And Deeply Loved, Then Leave

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Brooke Cagle

If you’re hesitant to know how I feel about you, if you’re skeptical of what could bloom and grow between us, if you’re holding back at every touch, every word, every laugh—then leave.

If you’re afraid to feel my fingers find their home between the spaces of yours, if you’re scared of the way I put my head softly against your chest, if you’re nervous at how I slowly, but deliberately let myself open to you—then go.

I do not have time for a man who does not appreciate my energy, who does not want to give his energy in return. I do not wish to waste my heart on someone who doesn’t see the passion I have for him, the way I am stepping into our love with no fear.

Love is a terrifyingly beautiful thing—two souls decide to choose one another, to fight, to believe. And I choose you.

But if you’re going to stand there, holding me at arm’s length, if you’re going to watch from a distance as I try to peel back my layers, as I whisper stories from my past, as I reach forward, beckoning you in—then what’s between us will never become anything.

I am so sick of fragile hearts. I’m so tired of the way people push away anything real because they’re too damn scared of falling down. I’m over people standing behind their pain saying they can’t trust because they’ve been hurt before.

I’m so sick of people using their fear as an excuse not to feel.

I want to love, and love fully. I want to give all of me to someone and watch us build an incredible story with our own hands. I want to share pieces of my life, my heart, my soul, and see the man I’ve opened to doing the same in return. I want to be bold, and wild, and take leaps of faith because that’s the foundation of all we could be.

I don’t want to spend my life waiting, wishing for a ‘could be.’

But if you’re not ready to give me the same in return; if you’re not willing to step out for me, to take my hand and be a partner, a lover, a best friend; if you’re not excited about the possibilities, not longing to learn who I am and who we will become; if you’re not going to trust that this will be hard, but worth pursuing anyways—then I’ll show you the door.

If you’re not trying to chase a connection that makes you feel; if you’re standing on the sidelines of your own life, too nervous to acknowledge that the pounding in your chest is real; if you’re making every excuse as to why you’re ‘ill prepared,’ ‘not ready,’ have to ‘wait’—then do us both a favor and walk away.

I don’t want to waste another minute with someone who doesn’t believe, who doesn’t care to try, who doesn’t want to be loved fully, completely, and deeply by me.

I have far too much passion to express, far too much soul to share. I have stories and dreams, excitement and affection that are spilling out of me for the right person. I have kisses and hugs, embraces that will fill every bit of emptiness with light and love.

I have all of my heart to give to someone who’s unafraid to step closer.

But if you don’t want to feel my arms wrapping themselves around your middle, my body pulling closer to yours every night, my kisses on your cheeks, your temple, your shoulder blades; if you don’t want to experience what it means to be loved—really loved—by someone who isn’t scared to share her heart; if you don’t want to break down every obstacle, build a beautiful story—then I wish you the best, but goodbye.

Love is far too beautiful of an emotion to waste on someone who does not wish to feel it pulsing through their veins. And I am destined for far better relationships than one with someone who does not appreciate all that I am willing and ready to give. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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