7 Reasons Why People Who Marry A Pisces End Up The Happiest

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1. Pisces are creative and passionate.

Pisces are always lost in their own thoughts, but when it comes to relationships, this is a big benefit. They’re often daydreaming about you, about your future together, about what you two have the potential to be. They are passionate to a fault, diving headfirst into their connections and building something beautiful. Their creativity and lust for love can’t be replaced.

2. Pisces aren’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Pisces are fearless when it comes to sharing their hearts, to being honest, to connecting with you on a deeper level. They aren’t scared to peel back their layers, to share secrets, to talk about parts that hurt and get you to be vulnerable alongside them (which is the most valuable part of love).

3. Pisces are in tune with their emotional sides.

Emotions drive this water sign. Pisces are comfortable with tears, with anger, with insecurity, with love. They are fine with showing their messy parts as they accept yours, and won’t leave anything unsaid (which will grow your relationship to an entirely new level).

4. Pisces are extremely empathetic.

Your Pisces will want to make sure you’re happy, you’re feeling loved, you’re just as into the relationship as they are. They will go above and beyond to understand what you’re going through, to stand beside you, to lend a shoulder or a hand when you’re in a low moment. They feel your pain as their own.

5. Pisces will put you first, without a doubt.

Your Pisces is selfless. To them, a good relationship is one where they can please you and make sure you’re just as emotionally connected. They don’t keep tabs on what they’ve done for you; they love without expecting anything in return. Putting you first comes naturally; they just want to see you happy, no matter what.

6. Pisces are vibrant and positive.

Pisces see the glass half-full; they have an inner vibrancy that spreads to everything they touch and when you’re around or with them, they will fill your life with love and joy.

7. Pisces know how to love.

People who marry Pisces end up the happiest because above all, they know how to love, how to give, how to choose their person, no matter what. Pisces are not afraid of falling, of giving their heart, of fighting with and for their special someone. They are committed, emotional water signs—their connection with you is both deep, and real. TC mark

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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