10 Ways Cole Swindell Shares His Huge Heart With His Fans

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Instagram / Cole Swindell

In the age of social media, connection between people has grown exponentially, but it’s not often that you see an artist interacting directly with fans. Whether he’s Tweeting heartfelt responses to fans, taking their advice, or even giving out free tickets, Cole Swindell has shown, time and time again, that he loves his supporters. (And has a huge heart.)

1. He takes song requests.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

I mean, how amazing is that?

2. He shows genuine concern.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell


3. He gives inside scoop about shows.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

Love the little sneak peak!

4. He shares encouragement.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

So genuine.

5. He prays for fans when they’re experiencing tough times.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

This is incredibly heartfelt.

6. He shows appreciation for his day one supporters.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell


7. He encourages selfies and loves meeting fans.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

I’m jealous.

8. He takes time to write personalized responses.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

And might even buy them food and beer!

9. He sends birthday shoutouts.

Twitter / Cole Swindell

Ummm where’s mine, Cole? 😝

10. He shows gratitude.

Twitter / @ColeSwindell

And we’re just as thankful for him and his heart. 💓TC mark

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