This Carefree Single, ‘Liberteens,’ Will Make You All Kinds Of Nostalgic For Your Youth

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There’s something about your teen years that will forever stay with you, no matter how far you move from your hometown, how old you get, or how long it’s been since you’ve seen your high school BFF.

Maybe it’s because those teen years were filled with rebellion and drama, your first real love, college apps, weekend parties, sneaking out, prom, and your first sips of alcohol—regardless of the reason why, they’re still so vivid in your mind, and you still (for the most part) look at them fondly.

You were reckless. You had fun. You made mistakes. You grew up. And you’ll never forget how beautifully wild and free you felt.

This young and upcoming artist, Gabi Sklar, captured those years perfectly in her single, “Liberteens.” This song is all about the craziness of being young, and the mess of emotions you face as you transition from being a kid to an adult.

In the opening lyrics of the song, Gabi sings about drinking, best friend betrayal, and heartbreak. Followed by this, a three-line motto for every 90’s kid:

“We are kids of the 90’s
Prone to get a little rowdy
Forever is today.”

Yes, Gabi. Yes. We’ve all been there—living in the moment, not worrying about anything to come. (While simultaneously burying all our anxiety and fear under the surface. 😅😅😅 We’re fine! Everything’s fine!)

When I asked Gabi (who’s only seventeen, by the way!) about the background of her song, why she wanted to write it, and her inspiration for the music video, she said:

“The idea for ‘Liberteens’ was completely constructed with bits of stories and experiences that I had from age fourteen to sixteen. My friends had always been a bit older than me so I’d go to parties, and see things or experience them first hand and get inspired.

Halfway into high school I got the idea for the song and began writing it. I then brought it to Troi Irons and producer, Ryan Marrone, and together, we made it the fun, anthem that is now.”

And it definitely is. The chorus for the song is sassy and rebellious, with lines like, “Ain’t nothin sweeter than being sixteen / Smoking pot / Liberteens / Letting go of routine” and “Take a shot / cause a scene / cause you’re feelin’ like a queen.”

Gabi said she wanted the song to be a motto, a theme song of sorts for everyone’s younger years.

“I wanted something relatable and honest and I felt this song was the way to introduce me as an artist.”

When I asked her about the video, she talked about how she wanted it to be perfect—the right angles, right lighting, right costumes. Working alongside video director Lanz Pierce, they brought her ideas to life.

“A liberteen transcends every generation,” she said, “and that’s what we hoped to portray.”

And I think she’s absolutely right. We can all identify with the sassy, fun-loving, carefree vibes she portrays in her song, no matter how long it’s been since high school.

I love the single. For such a young artist, being able to capture those years of craziness and fun, while also gaining respect with her strong vocals, I think the song is a reminder—to all of us—of just how precious those teenage years are. And the sassy lyrics serve as a reminder that underneath it all, we’re still a little rebellious. 😜 Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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