No Matter The Circumstances, God Is Good

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God is good. He is so so good. He is good when the puzzle pieces of our lives are falling into place. He is good when our prayers are answered. He is good when we are happy, surrounded by the ones we love. And He is good when our worlds are crumbling, when we’re broken, or when we’ve lost our way.

He is good in all moments, all things.

Sometimes I forget how powerful my God is. One thing goes wrong and suddenly I’m doubting His presence. A person walks away from me and I question whether He’s listening. I fall down, slip up, and then I convince myself that I’m fighting my battles alone.

But the truth is, my God is with me in every trial and triumph. And even when things don’t go as planned, don’t follow my selfish plan, or don’t make sense, He is good. He loves me, He sees me, He’s fighting for me. He’s good.

Life is messy. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I tell myself that being a follower of Christ or strong in faith will mean that my life is less crazy. But that’s not real. The ultimate truth is that life will throw us every which way. We’ll have moments of togetherness. And moments where we totally lose our way. We’ll have days when everything feels wonderful, and then hours later it all falls apart. We’ll turn to the sky, searching for truth, and sometimes come up empty.

But that’s not because our Father has abandoned us.

It’s simply because He has better plans for us. He’s there, ever present, but He’s longing for us to listen, to dig deeper, to trust instead of doubt.

Life will give us challenges, but that doesn’t mean our God has forgotten His promises. We will face moments of sin and failure, but that doesn’t make the sacrifice of His Son any less real.

The truth is, our lives are going to be hard, even if and when we pray or listen or rely on Him. But in all things, all moments, all days, all challenges—He is good.

He is good because He’s forgiving. He is good because He’s loving. He is good because He pulls us through darkness, because He embodies and cultivates and is light.

He is good because He shows us mercy. He is good because He uses our tough moments to build trust between us and Him. He is good because even when we lose our way, He stands beside us.

He is good because He never leaves.

And I don’t know what your relationship with Him is like. I don’t know if you’re striving to get to know Him, if you’re pushing Him away, if you’re just not sure. But know this—there is nowhere you can go where His love doesn’t reach. There is no corner of the world where He isn’t welcoming you in.

Know that you will have moments of doubt, of pain, of heartache—but He will not walk away. He is here. Here to stay.

And He is good.

He will fight with you, fight for you, fight when you run out of strength. He will guide you through your lowest moments, through your deepest pains. He will carry you when your legs cannot move. He will guide you back to Him, to glory, to forgiveness, to hope. Always.

So don’t turn away.

He is reaching for you, welcoming you with open arms.
And He is good, oh so good. TC mark

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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