Let Your Faith Be Bolder Than Any Human Doubt

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This world is filled with uncertainty. But as Christians, we’re encouraged to trust God’s plan, to let go of our selfishness, to know that God sees and hears us, and is guiding us through. We’re told to let life happen—to not be passive and stand still as our world falls apart, but patient—actively trusting Him and knowing that what we desire might not necessarily be what He gives to us. And believing, even in the moments of fear or doubt, that those unanswered prayers might become exactly what we need.

As Christians, we’re pushed to be bold. To know that there are many things in this life we won’t completely understand, but that doesn’t make our God any less real. To know that sometimes we’ll be floating, confused, lost, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been abandoned. To know that even in the lows we are building a life, a story will one day end with more than we could ever imagine.

But faith like this is challenging. Standing strong in the face of disappointment, believing in something you can’t necessarily touch or see—sometimes that feels near impossible. Sometimes it’s like standing on the edge of a cliff, hoping that someone is down there to catch you. Or screaming into a void, trusting that someone’s listening to the desperate sound of your voice.

As Christians, as humans we’re constantly plagued with doubt—moments that break us to our core, people that walk away, dreams that shatter, opportunities that fail, weakness that fills our bones—and yet, we’re called to stand proudly. And we should.

Because the truth is, we serve a God who is stronger than all things—all pain, all misery, all challenges. We serve a God who is not only incredibly powerful, but loves us unconditionally. And so we must strive to honor Him with all that we are.

So, honestly, I hope you do just that. I hope you cast aside uncertainty and know that when you put your faith in Him, He will lead you out of darkness. I hope that you stop listening to the voices in your head, the voices from the world that say you’re in this alone and no one cares.

I hope you shut out hesitation and instead step forward in faith. Because what is the purpose of this life if not to trust in something greater than you? If not to do all that you can to bring goodness to yourself and the world? If not to let your Lord build you and your soul into something beautiful?

To stand firm in faith is not easy. You will be constantly challenged. You will face doubts that form within the confines of your mind. You will say one thing, then think another. You will be so steady and secure, and then, with the next breath, question everything.

You will watch people you love suffer and shake your fist at the sky. You will wonder whether you’re on the right path, beg Him for a sign, and feel like you’re talking to yourself. You will stumble and wonder why He allows pain to fall on our paths. You will question whether this faith is worth it, or right, or means anything at the end of the day.

And then you will be reminded of His promise, of His son’s sacrifice, of the miracles you’ve seen and felt and witnessed in your life, and the lives around you. You will watch love ones be lifted from pain and addiction, from depression and fear, from broken promises and closed doors to healing and joy.

You will see that there is beauty and freedom in living in His light. You will find purpose and hope and a reason for happiness with every step. You will be filled.

Your path will not be easy; none of ours will. But we must be fearless in pursuing our Creator. We must know that we are not alone in our struggles. We must know that there are far greater things out there than the monotony and pain of this temporary world.

So I hope you join me in stepping out in faith. I hope you close your eyes, take a deep breath, and trust in the unknown, in your Father’s promise, in prayer.

I hope you let your faith be bolder, be bigger than any human doubt. Because our God is far bigger than anything here on earth—so what do we have to be afraid of? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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