Don’t Be Passive, Be Patient

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Don’t be passive. Don’t wait for the world to give you the answers. Don’t hold back, thinking that the right things will simply ‘fall into place’ without you trying, in the slightest, to make them happen. Don’t waste time wondering about your dreams instead of fearlessly pursuing them. Don’t let people walk out of your life that were meant to stay.

Don’t be passive. Don’t watch the world pass you by. Don’t hit ‘pause’ on your desires, thinking that you’ll go after them when the ‘timing is right,’ or when ‘you’re ready’ because truthfully there’s never a perfect time—the time is now. Don’t think that someone will hand the future to you on a silver platter, or that God will unfold His plan while you simply stand there, doing nothing.

Don’t be passive, be patient. There’s a big difference. Passive is letting life happen to you. Patient is understanding that the timing might not align with yours, and you’re accepting that, but you’re actively living and chasing and dreaming and believing while you wait.

Be patient. Let God, let the universe, let fate bring whatever is meant to come to you when it should. Let the world fall apart, fall together, fall in ways that make absolutely no sense but figure themselves out over time.

Let life happen—but don’t just stand there as it does. Make moves. Make steps. Make change. Make things happen for yourself.

Be patient. Understand that things won’t always go according to your plan, but that’s okay. Trust in the timing. Trust in the unfolding. Trust in the simple fact that you’ve always found your way, even when you didn’t think you would. Trust in God’s plan, and how He always knows what’s best, even when you don’t want to agree.

Be patient. Know that life is all about catch and release. Sometimes you’ll have everything; sometimes you’ll have nothing. Sometimes you won’t know where the hell you’re going but that’s a part of this wonderful ride.

Don’t be passive. Don’t sit there thinking that you’ll have the life, the love, the happiness you desire by simply waiting for it to fall in your lap. Don’t think that your Mr/Miss Right will stumble into your life without you actively smiling, or talking, or initiating a date, or telling them how you feel.

Don’t be passive. Don’t wish for things but never go boldly after them. Don’t expect God to answer your prayers without stepping out in faith. Don’t think you’re entitled to anything you aren’t pursuing with your mind, your heart, and your own two hands.

Don’t be passive, be patient. Go. Chase. Do. Believe. And know what’s meant to be, will simply be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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