14 Things Every Woman Who Is Led By Her Heart Knows To Be True

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1. You find yourself making decisions that others may call ‘reckless.’

When it comes to matters of the heart, you’ve never been afraid to be open, to love, or to fall into someone new. Sometimes you’ve been cautioned to be more guarded or careful, but that’s just not you. When the person or situation feels right, you go for it. And even though you’ve been called ‘reckless,’ you know you’re simply being your true, fearless-in-love self.

2. You’ve never been afraid to let someone in.

Letting someone in is a part of the territory of having a big heart. You know that to develop anything remotely real, you have to be vulnerable and truly set someone see you, and vice versa. So when it comes to relationships, you’ve never been hesitant about letting someone in.

3. You’re typically pretty good at making heart-related decisions.

You don’t always overthink, but when you do, it’s because you’re allowing your mind to take over instead of listening to what you feel is true inside. When you start over-thinking, or worrying about what other people will say, or letting your logical brain take over, you start to go crazy. When you’re just acting on your emotions and inner truth, you’re able to make decisions that feel right to you.

4. You’ve been hurt more times than you can count (but you don’t count).

You’re led by your heart, which means you’re bound to get hurt a time or two. You acknowledge this, and yet you stay true to how you are and have always been. You’ve been mistreated or broken in the past, but you don’t focus on that. Instead, you treat each new relationship and connection differently, and don’t worry what could go wrong.

5. You love to love.

Loving is a part of your identity. You’re not defined by your relationships, but falling into people, developing meaningful connections, and letting people in comes naturally to you.

6. You consider yourself to be an emotional or sensitive person.

People throw the word ‘emotional’ around like it’s an insult, but you wear that badge with pride. You’re proud of being someone who cares, who invests, who chases and embodies something real. At the end of the day, you’d rather be true to yourself than be cold, guarded, and distant.

7. You tend to value emotions over logic.

You are led by the way you feel. If something doesn’t sit right, you listen to that feeling. If something is good or positive, you chase it. Your feelings guide your heart, which guides where you go.

8. You’ve been called ‘too much.’

You’ve been called ‘too much’ a time or two, and honestly, sometimes you identify with that phrase. You know that because you love to love, you can be a lot to handle. But you’re also incredibly genuine, so you’d much rather be ‘too much’ than someone who pushes everyone else away.

9. You consider yourself to be free spirited.

Loving is easy for you, and you enjoy giving and sharing love with the people around you. You decide how you feel and what you want to do through your heart, which leads to very freeing life perspective.

10. You take your relationships very seriously.

Though you may be free-spirited, that isn’t to be taken lightly. When it comes to your relationships, you’re very committed and are only interested in real love—both giving and receiving.

11. You would do anything for the people you love.

Your heart is what bonds you to other people. This means you’d do anything, hands down and no questions asked, for the people you love.

12. You listen to, and trust your conscience.

You believe that you have a strong inner voice that is a reflection of your heart’s desires, and you listen to it.

13. You either all in, or nothing at all—there’s no in-between.

You don’t do half-love, almost love, or temporary. You don’t believe in casual or something that doesn’t have a true, genuine commitment. Because you’re so guided by your heart, if you’re in, you’re in. There’s no halfsies.

14. You’re unapologetically big-hearted.

You care. So so much. And you don’t apologize for that. You are not sorry for the way you love, for how open you are, or how you have a hard time letting go. You are guided by the way you feel and the connections you have—and you don’t apologize for that. You are simply you, and proud. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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