9 Uncomfortable Truths You Must Accept If You Want To Fall In Love With A Creative Soul

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1. We will not always put you first.

Unapologetically, our craft, our passions, and our art will often come first. We won’t do this intentionally, but sometimes we can’t help but drown in what we’re creating. We’ll forget to text you back. We’ll lose track of time. We’ll suddenly look at our phones and realize hours have gone by without us speaking to you, without us thinking of anything else, heck, without us even eating! Please do not take offense to the way we may seem removed or ‘too busy,’ and please be patient with us. For our minds are not purposefully neglecting you; we are just wrapping both our heads and hearts in what we’re making. And that is essential to our being.

2. We will often overwhelm you with our emotion or sensitivity.

Creative souls are filled with emotion. We are not only extremely passionate about what we are making, drawing, writing, painting, etc. but we are constantly thinking about, interpreting, and analyzing what feelings we have in a certain situation, or with a certain person. And if you happen to be the center of our romantic focus, be prepared to experience (and embrace) the wealth of our emotion towards you, especially as we fall for you.

3. We will lose ourselves in our craft from time to time.

When we start a project, we might lose ourselves in it for a period of time. This can be annoying, frustrating, or make you feel very distant from us. Sometimes our moods will change as we work on this project/piece, fluctuating erratically as we try to make something perfect, or as we start over for the hundredth time. Understand that we are not changing who we are, we are simply allowing our art to define and shape and teach us important lessons. Understand that we still care so deeply for you, but we must also focus on this integral piece of our being.

4. We sometimes seek out, and require alone time.

Alone time helps us focus, helps us narrow down our ideas, helps us to see outside of ourselves and zoom in on what we are working on and how we want to portray it to the world. When we seek distance from you, know that it’s not because of you, but because of our need to connect with our inner core. Know that we will pull away, but also crave you. Sometimes we just need to be by ourselves to rejuvenate.

5. We will sometimes have nostalgia for the past, but that doesn’t mean we wish to be there.

As creative souls, we are drawn to memory. We hold onto pieces of our past to shape us, to define us, to help us see the present and the future in new ways. When we fall into patterns of remembrance, when we pull up parts from our past, when we think about people or events that are no longer in our current lives, know that it’s not because we’re missing or longing for something that’s come and gone, but because we use all our emotions and thoughts to drive our craft. No matter how often or deeply we look back, know that we are still enjoying and celebrating the present moment more.

6. We can be wishy-washy when it comes to a deeper connection with you.

We are creative souls—we overthink, we ponder, we reflect, and we sometimes scare ourselves. When we allow our minds to control us, which they often do, we can be all in with you…and then we can fall out. We can be so ready to commit…and then we can pull away for fear of being too much. Please understand that we’re in our own minds so often that it can make us indecisive at times. But we care for you, so deeply. We just need to slow down, stop thinking, and let you in.

7. We might make you the center, or the muse of our art.

When we feel comfortable with you, and as we begin to fall more deeply, our minds will be flooded with thoughts of you and your energy. We may want to express this—write about you, draw you, make music for you—which can be intimidating, but know that it comes from a place of love and passion. Do not be afraid of the way we love you with our entire being, or suddenly place you as our central focus. We do not wish to make you our whole world, but make you into art. And that honors our feelings for you in a powerful, meaningful way.

8. We are overflowing with energy.

We will wake at the crack of dawn or stay up into the late hours of the night. Sometimes it seems like we never stop—always thinking, always creating, always scrambling to write down ideas that come to us at random times. We are energetic people, and sometimes this will drive you crazy. Sometimes you will just want to curl up on the couch with us, or lay in bed without talking, and we struggle with this. Know that shutting our mind off is a great challenge, and even if we don’t always seek out or relish in the calm moments that you do, we still value our time spent together.

9. We may become restless.

Our lives are brimming with new ideas and inspiration. The truth is, we seek and need someone who will push us to our greatest potential, who will bring creativity to our lives with their perspective and lust for life, who will help us to grow rather than to hold us back. The truth is, when we are not inspired by our partners, we become restless. We long to search for new answers and purpose and ideas elsewhere. So if you wish for us to slow down, to stop, to be still—that just won’t happen. Understand that creative souls are wired to make, to build, to learn, to grow, to continually be moving and making new. So inspire us, and be inspired alongside us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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