Why Men Who Fall For Writers End Up The Happiest

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1. They are in relationships with the most sensitive, emotional, and passionate people out there.

Writers are deep. They are familiar and comfortable with expressing themselves through several mediums, the written form being their most prominent. Men who are in relationships with writers are showered with sensitivity, care, and affection. There is nothing that goes unsaid, or unwritten. There is no emotion that is not explained or shared, often poetically. And there is no shortage of passion in their lovers’ words.

2. They will hardly ever face communication issues with their lovers.

Men who fall in love with writers never have to worry about what their partners are thinking. There is no fear, no doubt, no confusion, no cloudiness—only clarity—as writers easily explain and express not only their emotions, but work to understand their partners’ as well. Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, and with writers, there is absolutely no issue.

3. Their sensitive sides will be appreciated and valued.

Writers value sensitivity and vulnerability. Men who fall in love with writers are not only appreciated for their ability to embrace their emotional side, but are valued for the way they open to their partners and let them in. Because this vulnerability is the essential component of a writer’s craft, this makes men who date/marry writers tremendously valued in their partners’ eyes.

4. They will be understood on a deeper level by their partners.

Men who fall for writers are understood by their partners because it is of utmost importance for a writer to know what’s on his/her partner’s mind. Writers strive for a deeper bond with their significant others; thus, men who are with writers are listened/connected to at a much deeper level.

5. Their significant others will accept (and often romanticize) their flaws.

Writers have no problem crafting the people they care about into their stories and characters. Because of this, men who end up with writers will often find pieces of themselves in their partners’ work. So, more often than not, their flaws will be romanticized, meaning they will be loved deeply, even in their imperfection.

6. They will be continually inspired.

Writers are seeking inspiration all the time—from the people around them, from their circumstances, from memories, from experiences, from relationships—and men who fall for writers will not only be the driving force behind their partners’ craft, but also be continually inspired by their passion, emotion, and expression.

7. Their lives are filled with creativity, passion, and abstract thinking.

Men who end up with writers are thrown into a world of creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking. Writers aren’t normal; they see the world differently, they love differently, and they feel more deeply. Thus, men who fall for writers will, as a result, see and experience a different view of the world—one filled with creativity, exploration, and passion.

8. The status of their relationship will always be apparent and expressed through their partner’s art.

Writers won’t hold back or hide their emotion. They won’t pretend to feel something they’re not, or act as if they are indifferent when they’re head over heels. Men who fall for writers will not only know how their partner feels at all times, but will be connected to them physically, mentally, and emotionally.

9. There is no shortage of emotion and affection.

Men who end up with writers will be showered with words, actions, thoughts, and feelings. There is no shortage of emotion, no restriction on passion. These men will be blessed, strengthened, and built up by their partners’ undying, expressive love.

10. Their relationship has depth well beyond the average connection.

Men who fall for writers will have a relationship that goes beyond the average, almost-relationship, halfsies, non-committal connection. They will have something real, something that has meaning, something that goes deeper than surface-level. If and when they end up with a writer, they will be the happiest people because they will experience love in ways they never have before. They will finally feel at home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here.

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