How To Love A Passionate Girl


She intimidates you. When you look at her, you see her arms outstretched, her face in a wide grin, her heart beating wildly, and you’re nervous. You’re hesitant. You’re not sure whether you’re ready to jump in just yet. You’re scared you’ll drown in the waves of her emotion. You’re worried it will all be too much.

But what you don’t know is the breadth of her love. What you don’t know is the care she’s capable of. What you don’t know is that with her, you’ll never be empty—you’ll be filled, overwhelmed, covered with a love like you’ve never experienced before.

She is a passionate girl. She loves hard and with everything she has. She isn’t afraid to put herself out there, to tell you she has feelings for you, to flirt, to step forward, to grab your hand and let you spin her around in circles as the sun sets.

She is not afraid of her emotions. She lets her heart move her body. She lets her thoughts run free, imagining a future with you, a love that is purposeful and beautiful. She does not conform to society’s rules of love—to be slow and calculated and distant and removed. She wants to know. She wants to feel.

She longs to be deeply connected with you, not in the superficial, temporary ways of this world, but something wild and terrifying and real.

She is a passionate girl. She feels every kiss throughout her entire body. Every word and touch carries meaning for her. Intimacy is not merely physical, but emotional, opening the layers of one another’s minds and discovering who each other is when the masks are taken off.

She wants to know you. Not just see what the world sees, but know your story. Know the secrets you hide, the lessons you’ve learned, the broken pieces you’re still trying to mend. She wants to kiss away your pain as best as she can. She wants to love you more deeply than anyone who came before.

She wants to feel something with you—something out of the ordinary. Not the bland relationships around her. Not the typical love stories, filled with long, monotonous days and nights. Not the perfection she knows neither of you will ever measure up to. She wants craziness and chaos. She wants disagreements and arguments, striving to meet one another in the middle. She wants all the mess that comes with real love. She wants every beautiful make-up kiss after every fight.

She wants a love that moves her, that makes her believe. A love that she cannot measure and calculate and put in a box. She wants to experience the ups and downs. She wants to know that you feel it too—the love beating in your chest, the shivers running down your spine, the longing to not only be with someone, but be a part of them, too. Become one.

To her, love isn’t something casual. It’s not something to pass the time or to fill an empty space. It’s not to show to the world that you’re happy, or to walk around with like a shiny trophy. To her, love is about connection and commitment, about finding someone whose pieces fit with hers, not perfectly, but beautifully all the same.

To her, love is about realizing she is not alone, never alone. It’s about meshing her emotions and heart and body and soul with someone else. It’s about giving all of herself and finally falling into someone who will give that in return.

She is a passionate girl. She is not afraid to feel, to give, to love. She is not afraid to fight, to forgive, to stay. She is not afraid of relationships, of commitment, of promises, of a future. She is not afraid of emotions, of heart, of stepping forward into something beautify and scary and real.

She is a passionate girl, not afraid of loving you with all that she has.

And so you must step forward, too. You must not be afraid. You must understand that just because her love is big does not mean it needs to scare you.

You must be willing to trust that she’s here, that she’s not going anywhere. That even if you feel intimidated and overwhelmed, her love is more beautiful than terrifying. Her love is real.

Grab her hand. Spin her around. Make her laugh and smile and sometimes cry, though not on purpose. Fight with her. Fight for her. Argue with her, challenge her, and spend time just simply learning who and why she is the way she is.

Give in to her love; give her love in return. Don’t worry about being ‘too much’ or whether she is a lot to handle. Know that her emotions are the best thing about her. Know that love without feeling and heart is nothing.

Kiss her. Kiss her deeply. Kiss her like you haven’t kissed someone before. Kiss and don’t think. Kiss and think of every future moment like this, crazy and wonderful and beautiful.

And love, damn it. Love. Love wildly. Love fiercely. Love with all of you, and don’t hold back.

Love that passionate girl with passion.
And never let her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here.

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