She Was The Calm To Your Wild

Roman Kraft

She was the voice in your head, low and slow
like honey, coating golden and sweet on your lips.
When your mind was racing,
she could quiet you with a smile, a simple gesture,
a finger tracing the line of your mouth.
She spoke soft and cool;
she was tender with your skin,
her hands running over the scarred surface,
patient with every bruise.

You were wild, filled
with danger and desire, electricity
in your touch. Your mind sparking, igniting
fires beneath your skin. When you spoke
your words were endless and choppy, stuck
between your tongue and teeth, pressing
against the roof of your mouth, untamed.

But she was the calm to your wild,
the careful to your chaos.
She was soft and gentle and human.

And everything –
you’re still searching for
ever since you let her go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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