You Are Loved, Today And Every Day

Sometimes I wonder how we got here. How humans came to be, with their different eye shapes and hairstyles, different colors and builds, different smiles and sounds of their laughs. It’s crazy to think that there have been so many worlds before us, so many people in existence long before the thought of us even crossed our parents’ minds. It’s crazy to think we are all different—millions of fingerprints and wrinkles and birthmarks and scars—but no other exactly the same.

Sometimes I think about what has happened in my life: the people I’ve met, the paths that have crossed with mine, the souls I’ve loved and learned, the way situations have played out. I think about my blessings, about the laughter, about the hardest moments that transformed into beautiful lessons over time.

And I think about how—our creation, our existence, our world—came to be because of a God so much greater than I can even imagine. A God who loves me, loves us, loves you, more than you could ever comprehend.

I know Christianity doesn’t sit well with everyone. I know sometimes it’s scary, or weird, to imagine that we were created by something bigger than ourselves—I get that fear. And I don’t intend to be the person that shoves my religion down anyone’s throat. But isn’t it beautiful to know that you are one in a world of millions and millions? Isn’t it beautiful to know you were created in your uniqueness and glory, in your wonder and individuality, in your grace and strength, in the image of God?

Isn’t it beautiful to know that you’re imperfect, but loved anyways, no matter what, every single day?

If I could explain Christianity in the biggest, but bite-sized way, it would be this: That a loving, powerful God created you. He created you in a world where you could make your own decisions, where you could have free will in an imperfect world that could, and would, draw you away from Him. But He didn’t want to lose you. So He sent His perfect Son to die for you, to wipe your slate clean, to forgive you and bring you back to Him.

And that is where you are right now—saved, if you choose to accept Him.

And loved, no matter what happens, no matter what pulls you away, no matter how far you wander. You are loved, even when you do not love Him. Loved, even when you feel you are alone and forgotten. Loved, even, and especially when you are broken. Loved, regardless of what you wedge between yourself and Him.

So I want you to know that. I want you to know that you could be having the worst day/month/year of your life, but still be cared for by God. I want you to know that you could have done the most terrible thing, but still be forgiven by God. I want you to know that you could have lost it all—family, friends, significant other/spouse, job, finances, self—and He will be there to stand beside you, pick you up, and help you begin again.

Our God is a powerful God, a merciful God, a loving God. He is a God that created us, that created this life, that gave us a choice of whether or not to seek Him.

And I hope you seek Him today. I hope you seek Him every day.

I hope you know that you are loved by Him, and in the moments where you feel lost, in the moments where you don’t want to live anymore, in the moments where you’ve given up on love, in the moments where your heart is broken—He is there. He is always there.

So maybe you’re like me, and sometimes wonder about how we got here. You sometimes wonder about this life and how we came to be, how people come into our lives, how situations occur, how all this beautiful mess happened around us and to us.

Maybe you wonder about the people you’ve loved. Maybe you wonder about your purpose or the big, overarching ‘why’ question—why am I here? Maybe sometimes you feel lost or scared, broken or tired. Maybe you’re like me, looking at all the world and its chaos, and realizing that there has to be something bigger that created us, that made us so unique and wonderfully flawed.

Maybe you see all that has happened to you has shaped you, both the good and the bad.

And maybe you see that there is a God who created you, who is seeking you, who loves you. And I hope, if and when you seek Him back, you know He loves you. And will never stop loving you, no matter what. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.