Promise You’ll Live A Wildly Passionate Life


Promise that you’ll explore. Whether you’re young or old, feel as if your life is almost over or just beginning, promise that you’ll try new things and learn what drives you. That you’ll experiment. That you’ll take chances. That when something excites you, you’ll pursue it, even when it seems too crazy or too big or too strange or too outside the norm.

Promise that you’ll listen to your heart. Whether that involves people or dreams, it doesn’t matter. Promise that you’ll quiet your mind and listen to what your body’s telling you—the pulls, the urges, the deep thoughts. Promise that you’ll try to understand them, and that when your heart is begging you to go a different way, you’ll go without hesitation.

Promise that you’ll let go. Let go of bitterness and people who hold you back, of fear and questioning. Promise that you’ll quit trying to grab onto things that need to be set free. That you’ll let go of doubt and insecurity and love fully, without hesitation.

Promise that you’ll speak your mind. That you’ll speak up against what hurts you. That you’ll speak for people who have lost their voice. That you’ll speak when something is wrong and be relentless about what you, and others around you, deserve. Promise that you’ll explain how you feel, even if it’s hard to hear. Promise that you’ll tell people you love them, and remind them as often as you can.

Promise that you’ll believe in things greater than yourself. In the path of the universe, in God, in fate, in coincidence, in happiness, in love. Promise that you’ll believe in the strength of your own two feet on this ground.

Promise that you’ll be passionate. That you’ll fall into every kiss. That you’ll squeeze every bear hug just a moment too long. That you’ll compose hand-written letters and leave little love notes around the house. That you’ll never stop caring about the people and causes in your life. That you’ll do what you love and love who you love, even when regular life gets in the way.

Promise that you’ll fight. For the things and people you believe in. For what’s good and right. For people that can’t fight their own battles. For your own voice, own strength, own choices.

Promise that you won’t let rules define you. That when someone says you have to be or act a certain way, you won’t. That when you’re told you must fit a mold, you break it. That when you’re demanded to become something you know you never can be, you decide, for yourself, who to become. That you will stop believing you have to be a little less you to survive. Because you don’t.

Promise that you’ll seek happiness, and be happiness. That you’ll chase things that make you smile. That you’ll use your energy to brighten others’ days. That you’ll be a light, even in a world of darkness. And even when you are tired and dimmed, you’ll pull energy from those around you and light up once again.

Promise that you’ll live. That you’ll fall into your days with confidence and imperfection. That you’ll stop telling yourself you’re inadequate or less. That you’ll appreciate what you’ve been given, but always strive for more. That you’ll be thankful for people and memories. That celebrate the simple fact that you’re alive. That you’ll live, really live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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