If Nothing Else, Be Passionate

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

If nothing else in this life, be passionate. Be passionate about the things you do, the stories you tell, the words you write. Be passionate about the lives you touch, about the lips you kiss, about the bodies you pull close to yours in a warm, quiet embrace.

Be passionate about the people you meet. Look them in the eyes. Smile. Tell them how they make you feel. Make them laugh. Laugh with them. Open yourself to the possibility of friendship, of relationships, of love.

Do not be afraid of the what-ifs, of the hesitations, of the maybes. Do not apologize for the way your heart beats or the wild feelings in your chest.

Be vibrant.

Be excited about the things that make your heart flutter in your chest. Be thrilled at possibilities, at chances, at opportunities. When a new door opens, step forward. When an old door closes, hold the memories close to your chest, but embrace the new with open arms.

Be spirited.

Do everything—work, play, love—with your whole heart. Hold nothing back, especially emotion. Tell people that you love them. Hug them when you want to. Give in to your wildest feelings and reach across the table to hold another’s hand in your own. Love with the kind of love you’ve always been cautioned not to – because real love happens when you stop holding back.

Be fervent.

Take on new projects. Write new pieces. Jump into new adventures. Challenge yourself. Leave room for mistakes. Fall, many times, but dust yourself off and begin again.

Be animated.

Speak loudly. Move your hands. Let your sparkling eyes tell your story. Do not apologize for your mouth, your body, your presence. Stretch to the sky and keep on reaching. Do not let anyone hide your light.

Be free.

Give yourself no restrictions or limits. Push all boundaries and fight against expectations. Let no one tell you who or what you’re supposed to be. Stand up for what you believe; don’t sit and watch the world go by. Push for change.

Be adventurous.

Go to concerts and shows and museums and galleries and soak in culture and art and beauty. Try something new—foods, sounds, tastes, smells, ideas. Create, and never stop creating. Use your mouth for good and your hands for art. Use your heart for spreading love and your eyes to build bridges of trust.

Step through your days with a mix of tenderness and wildness. Leave no stone unturned and no hand untouched. Bless the people around you with happiness. Bless yourself with a life of positivity and love.

Do not worry about what has not healed, what has not been perfected, what is looming in the distance. Fill your heart with both generosity and intensity. Care for the people around you. Think of others, not only of yourself. Let go of what does not grow you, and leave room for more beautiful things to blossom.

Love. Love. And love. Even when it feels like it’s too much, and especially when it feels like love is not enough.

If nothing else in this life, be passionate about everything you do, everything you can give, every part of who you are and are becoming.

Stop apologizing.
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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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