7 Little Notes For When You Need A Reminder Of Your Blessings

Azrul Aziz
Azrul Aziz


Close your eyes. Put your hand on your chest. Do you feel that beat? Do you feel how strong it is? Think about all that you’ve gone through thus far. Think about the mountains you’ve climbed, the obstacles you’ve overcome, the pain that you’ve pushed past. Think about how you’ve rebuilt after brokenness—that is something to be proud of, that is something to celebrate. Even in the darkest moments, know that you are alive and breathing, know that you are strong, know that there is goodness all around you, and know that you have the power, inside yourself, to overcome.


Do you have people that love you? People that would fight for you, or stand by your side, or just listen when you reach out to them? So often we overlook the people in our lives because we expect them to be there, not realizing the incredible fact that they don’t have to be. If you have someone that you can pour your heart out to, or even someone you know that would smile at the mention of your name, you are blessed.


What are your favorite material things? Maybe a journal that holds all your writing. Maybe a cellphone that connects you with friends on all corners of the earth. Maybe a little trinket that you keep in your wallet because it reminds you of people you care about, and you believe it has the power to keep you safe. These material things are blessings. These material things are gifts. These material things are reasons to be thankful, because you have something you can claim as yours.


There is a cardinal singing on a branch outside your window. There is warm air seeping through the vents. There is a fireplace crackling in the corner of your room. There is a bed with blankets. There is sunshine poking through closed blinds. There are millions of little blessings all around you.


What nourishes you? Is it hot food on the table? Is it time with friends and family? Is it laughter? Is it the feeling of feet pounding on pavement or sweat dripping from your pores? Whatever it is that builds you, is a blessing.


Think of all the times you’ve been broken. Think of all the situations that didn’t go as planned. Think about all the moments where you felt defeated, betrayed, or just sat there wondering why. Now see where you are, how you grew, and what changed. Those terrible moments—blessings in disguise. That heartache—built you into the person you are today.


The richness of your life is not determined by physical things. It is not determined by the clothes you wear or the items on your shelf. It is not determined by the money in your wallet or the places you’ve traveled to. No, the richness of your life is about the people around you, is about the memories, is about the times you smiled for no reason, or felt fulfilled just sitting in nature. The richness of your life is finding reasons for happiness when there might be few, or looking at the bright side when everything feels like it’s falling apart. Even in the lowest of the lows, you are surrounded by blue skies and beautiful songs on the radio. No matter how defeated you feel, there is still hope. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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