50 Little, Everyday Things That Feel Like Love


1. The sun beaming on your face.

2. Laughing uncontrollably.

3. Sand between your toes.

4. The first bite of warm, baked bread.

5. The crazy, slobbery, wonderful kisses from a dog.

6. Smiling at a stranger.

7. Driving with the windows down.

8. Listening to your favorite song on the radio, and thinking, Yes. Yes. Yes. to all the lyrics.

9. A hot shower after a long, tiring day.

10. Cool pillows against your face.

11. Throwing your head back and spinning in circles.

12. Watching the sunset.

13. Getting pulled into a platonic, beautiful hug right when you need it.

14. Warm blankets curled around your legs.

16. Smiling at an inside joke.

17. Talking to someone who completely understands how you’re feeling.

18. Reading a good book and feeling like the words were written exactly for you.

19. Sipping hot chocolate or coffee before the sun rises.

20. Watching a bird flutter through tree branches.

21. Listening to the peaceful sound of ocean waves, of wind, of cars speeding down a highway.

22. Putting on warm, fuzzy socks.

23. The first few bites of the food you’ve been craving.

24. Petting a cute animal.

25. Having said cute animal curl up between your legs.

26. Listening to crickets.

27. Watching an old movie and remembering how you felt the first time you saw it.

28. Scrolling through old photographs of beautiful memories.

29. Sharing a story with friends and barely being able to finish it because you’re laughing too hard.

30. Listening to the sound of rain.

31. Looking at the stars and trying to find all the constellations.

32. Dancing in the middle of your kitchen when your favorite song comes on shuffle.

33. Smelling home-cooked food.

34. The feeling you get when you cross an item off your to-do list.

35. Complimenting someone, or being complimented in an unexpected, genuine way.

36. Feeling accomplished, prepared, satisfied, or strong.

37. Getting to be completely lazy after a long day.

38. Watching your favorite TV show.

39. Receiving/sending a text to/from someone you care about, just checking in.

40. Changing into comfy clothes.

41. Unexpected voicemails from family or friends.

42. Getting good goosebumps.

43. Watching or making a silly video with someone and not being able to breathe because you’re laughing so hard.

44. Kisses on the cheek.

45. Stumbling across something that brings back good memories from the past.

46. Smiling at your reflection in the bathroom mirror.

47. Licking frosting off your fingers.

48. Trying something new and feeling like it was made for you.

49. Flipping through a childhood photo album and reminiscing on old, happy moments.

50. Feeling whole and comfortable in your own skin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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