32 Teeny Tiny Things Men Only Do When They Really Love You


1. Bring you up in casual conversation when he’s talking to his parents.

2. Pick up his room or apartment before you come over.

3. Buy your favorite snack food just to have on hand in the pantry.

4. Change his profile picture, phone background, or some part of social media to reflect your relationship.

5. Invite you to plans with the guys.

6. Stop doing whatever he’s doing just to give you eye contact when you speak.

7. Cook your favorite meal, just because.

8. Ask you what your plans are first, before making plans with his friends.

9. Get up early just to spend more time with you before work.

10. Leave you cute little love notes on the counter.

11. Brew you a cup of coffee in the morning before he leaves.

12. Record your favorite TV show so you can watch it later.

13. Engage your siblings in his plans, or make time to do something with them.

14. Let you pick the radio station on the car ride.

15. Offer to help you with something just to spend more time with you.

16. Buy you something little just to show you that you’re on his mind.

17. Cook you breakfast in bed.

18. Stay up with you to watch a movie.

19. Ask your opinion before making a major decision.

20. Fill your car up with gas just to be thoughtful.

21. Ask you about your day and genuinely listen.

22. Offer to do something he doesn’t necessarily want to do just to spend another hour with you.

23. Make plans with your family or include your family in something he wants to do.

24. Surprise you with something little to show how much he thinks about you.

25. Rent a total chick flick just because he knows you’d want to watch it.

26. Ask what you want to eat before ordering takeout or making a reservation.

27. Offer to drive so you can drink with your friends.

28. Let you take a shower first.

29. Make you a hot bath when you’re stressed.

30. Get you something, or do something thoughtful that shows he pays attention to the little things you say.

31. Take pictures or video of/with you to have as future memories.

32. Kiss you on the cheek in front of friends and family, just to make you smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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