What If We Were Fearless In Love?


What if we just did it? Said what’s on our minds without holding back, leaned in for a kiss without thinking whether it was a good idea, or what would happen after.

What if we just acted on our feelings?

Told people what they meant to us, spoke the ‘I love yous’ on our tongues without worrying if we’ll hear them back. Grabbed a hand and held it in our own.

I think we analyze too much. We try to wrap our heads around what the other person could possibly be thinking. We remember our past loves. We wonder what will happen next. We think of the other hundreds of times we’ve done the wrong thing and question whether reaching across the center console of the car to kiss his cheek will just become another one of those mistakes.

We’re scared of being rejected, scared of leaving empty-handed, scared of being vulnerable because vulnerability means that we’re exposed, naked.

But what if we did it?

Just said f*ck it, and pulled him into a hug and whispered an ‘I love you’ into the tender skin of his neck? Or brushed her hair back from her face and touched her cheek, gently, slowly tilting her chin for a kiss?

What if we decided to be unafraid? To stare vulnerability in the face and say, “Okay, challenge accepted.”

What if we believed, even for a second, in the power of the universe, in the importance of following our hearts?

What if we jumped fully in, and even if it didn’t go the way we planned, embraced the fact that we were strong enough to go for it?

Then the way we love would completely change.

Instead of watching people we love slip away, we would be able to pull them back to us. Instead of confusion and mixed signals, the people we care about would know, we would know. Instead of bullsh*t excuses and broken promises and hesitations we would have actions, sincerity, and beautiful, beautiful love.

And that’s what the world so desperately needs.

So what if we did it? Decided to be fearless? Decided to go with how we felt? Decided to get caught up in the moment with the ones our hearts are so desperately, wonderfully tied to?

What if we spoke from the heart; what if we kissed openly, with passion?

What if we jumped instead of standing on the edge wondering how far the fall could be? What if we didn’t think about the fall at all?

I think it’d be terrifying. But I think it’d be what we’re searching for.

Deep. Real. Pure. Passionate.

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Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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