25 Small Ways You Can Bless A Stranger’s Life

Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson

1. Saying hello.

2. Smiling.

3. Giving eye contact.

4. Asking them their name.

5. Addressing them by name.

6. Complimenting their smile.

7. Initiating a conversation.

8. Engaging and continuing conversation.

9. Asking them something about what they do.

10. Sharing a simple story about your life.

11. Being a positive presence.

12. Being polite.

13. Complimenting something their wearing or doing.

14. Telling them you appreciate them or their help.

15. Holding open the door or elevator.

16. Letting them walk first or go in front of you.

17. Not being on your phone.

18. Asking them about a personal item their carrying.

19. Telling a joke.

20. Making them laugh.

21. Acting like your time spent with them is valuable.

22. Saying, ‘thank you’, and meaning it.

23. Listening to what they say with attentiveness.

24. Telling them you enjoyed talking to them and your simple moment together.

25. Looking them in the eyes and sincerely saying, “I hope you have a good day.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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