The ‘Naked Diaries’ Instagram Is The Most Beautiful, Body-Positive Account On The Internet


The Naked Diaries is an Instagram account started by Taylor Giavasis that celebrates female empowerment and body positivity. Each picture showcases encouragement—quotes, drawings, photographs, and real bodies—and each caption shares a woman’s* struggle of loving herself. From self-harm, to weight issues, to birth defects, this account reveals the pain, fear, and bumpy road to self-acceptance in a way that’s tangible and real.sp

The Naked Diaries:

One woman shares about her abusive past and finding the strength to forgive.

This woman proclaims her new sense of self-confidence.

This woman openly shows her scars.

One woman talks about her struggle with self-harm, and her journey to finding love.

Another woman confesses the hatred she felt towards her body for many years.

This woman discusses her sexual assault, and how she’s working every single day to move past it.

This woman shows her skin condition, and how, despite it, she is starting to love her body.

This woman talks about her painful battle with depression and self-harm.

One woman proclaims that her body is a canvas.

Another woman encourages others, saying that stretch marks are beautiful imperfections.

This woman puts a spin on her skin condition, and sees it in a positive light.

This woman shares about her pregnancy, and how even in her struggle with self-image, she is trying to love her future child.

One woman talks openly about her suicide attempt and how she has decided to confront her demons.

One woman is open about her skin disease, the bullying of her childhood, and her struggle of being comfortable with who she is.

This woman fights against society’s expectations of ‘perfection’ and ‘flawlessness.’

This woman talks about her anxiety, eating disorder, and self-hatred, but how she is continually working to get better.

And this woman talks about how she has learned to see her body as art—literally, and figuratively. Her artwork. Beautiful artwork. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

*This Instagram account also features pictures of males and male-related empowerment. But I have chosen, for this piece, to focus on women.

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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