14 Sure Signs You’re The Girl With Too Many Feelings

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1. You get wayyy too excited over the littlest things. Example: doing a happy dance in the middle of the pastry aisle because the chocolate glazed donuts are on sale, or cheering because you found a parking spot by the door. (Yeah, people are looking and they’re totally judging.)

2. TV shows make you cry. And those please-adopt-me dog commercials. And books. And basically anything related to animals. Oh, and don’t even think about movies without at least two boxes of tissues. Marley and Me? Just forget it.

3. Your emotions are literally light switches. On. Off. On. Off. You can go from high on life to Darth Vader in a matter of like, two seconds.

4. You are totally capable of crushing on two people at once. Because the feels…duh.

4. You’re pretty much the queen of drunk texting your ex. And then texting him something apologetic in the morning. Then missing him. Then getting over it. Then missing him…the struggle continues.

5. You’re an avid follower of any Twitter account with the word ‘feelings,’ ‘thoughts,’ or ‘emotions’ somewhere in the handle. Because, #RELATABLE.

6. When you fall, you fall HARD. And there’s no stopping it. *Cue the wedding bells.* Just kidding, but when you fall, you’re 100% in. Emotions and all.

7. You get the major feels from any song with a lovey-dovey chorus. And then you go and message all your old flames to ‘see how they’re doing’…(aka to see if they miss you.)

8. You’re not really good at the whole being ‘chill’ thing. I mean, you can be pretty calm for a little while…but then the emotions take over. Does he like me? What are we doing? Am I being weird? Should I ask him where this is going? Etc.

9. People define you as ‘sometimes mature.’ Which is basically a nice way of saying you’re a child trapped in a big-kid body…emotionally immature sometimes.

10. You could shed a tear over literally anything. From the little bird who fell out of its nest to the batch of brownies you overcooked, yeah. Cue the waterfall.

11. You can’t really do the ‘casual’ thing because WTF is casual??? You’re more of the lets-talk-date-be-official-love-each-other-for-80-years type.

12. You care about pretty much everyone. Even the creepy homeless guy with the shaggy dog. Yep, you’re the one who’s kneeling down next to him, petting his dirty dog and talking about life.

13. You’ll laugh at the stupidest things. And smile at the stupidest things, and basically react to just about anything because you can’t control the constant wave of emotions.

14. You get lost in your own head wayyy too often. Zoning out, just thinking about your future, your past, your present, your childhood fish, your best friend from fifth grade, your third ex boyfriend, your mom’s favorite aunt…yeah sometimes your mind is kind of weird. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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